It Must Be My Week For Surprises

I showed everyone the flowers Rob got for free about a week ago from Fred Meyers.  We have been enjoyed them all week.  

Then, on Monday, one of my piano students brought me all of these flowers and greenery, in a big bunch.  I was able to make 2 lovely bouquets from them, and Patsy replaced the roses that were wilting in the first free bouquet with carnations, so that bouquet is still going strong. It was very unexpected and I loved getting them.



I was shocked when he came home from picking Lovana up from work, bearing a dozen roses and some grass-type greenery.  I promptly arranged them in the vase I bought years ago from a glass blower on the Oregon Coast and put them in my room.  Apparently, there were more flowers reaching expiration when he went into Fred Meyers and they gave him some more.  This has never happened before, so to receive free flowers twice was a completely thrilling shock.  I did have to remove some wilted leaves and stems, I gave them a good trim and removed a few slightly browned petals.  He got the lettuce, cheese, milk and celery I had sent him in for as well, and I’m so glad I asked him to pick those things up.  Often, when we pick her up, we don’t go into the store.

I don’t know why I have been blessed with 4 bouquets of flower in January.  I just know that I’m very thankful and feel grateful that I can enjoy them so much.  I feel happy every time I see them.  They make me smile.


4 thoughts on “It Must Be My Week For Surprises”

  1. Beautiful flowers for free…what a wonderful blessing, Becky! This time last year I had fresh flowers around the house. Unfortunately, they were from the funeral of my father-in-law, Not a happy reason to have flowers.

    I keep thinking this year that I should try forcing some potted bulbs around now to cheer up the indoors during our dreary wintertime. I normally wouldn’t think of it, but reading all these bloggers who have beautiful cut flowers is really inspiring me to do more. I can reuse the bulbs each year, making it a more frugal option. Not happening this year as it wold be too late to start. But…may some year I will try it!

  2. Very pretty! Flowers sure do cheer up the winter. My Christmas cactus is blooming and that’s about all the flowers I have in the house at the moment. Last year didn’t grow a cutting garden and I sure missed it. I think this year, I’ll have to be sure and plant one.

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