Menu Plans–Week of March 27, 2016


Sunday:  We went to the beach and ate at Mo’s.   It was very different from our usual after-church tradition, but we enjoyed the scenery and the food, as always.

Monday:  Pork roast in the crock pot

Tuesday:  Lunch:  Chili (my sister is helping me do additional cleaning on this day)                 Dinner:  Fish tacos (with tilapia I got on super sale, and tortillas that need to be used)

Wednesday:  Pork enchiladas (Make Tuesday, as I work later on Wednesdays)

Thursday:  Lovana’s birthday.  We will take her out to eat, hopefully.

Friday:  Chicken  (If Rob feels better, we will have a garage sale, so oven-roasted.  If he doesn’t shake this super-bad cold I’ve had for 14 days now in time to sort and clean enough, maybe he will feel up to barbecuing)

Saturday:  Leftovers or soup in the crock pot. Maybe both.  My niece and nephew are coming to help with the sale, hopefully.

Sunday:  Dinner at my sister’s.  Since she is still on vacation, we have not discussed details.

Of course, this is all subject to change if they want to show the house.  I’ve noticed that the frequency of viewings is slowing down, which makes sense, so am hopeful that we will be able to work around them more easily with our meals.  I still hope they show it, though, and will happily leave, if need be.

4 thoughts on “Menu Plans–Week of March 27, 2016”

  1. Even though you are living in sort of a chaotic state with your house up for sale, your menu sounds better than anything I’ll be serving this week! Hope Rob is feeling better soon. Seems these springtime colds hang on forever.


    1. Remember, that’s the PLAN, not always the actuality:) But, for the most part, I think we can stick with it as we will be home more since the showings have slowed down in number. My sister came today and helped me empty the freezer in the shop. We are going to give that one away to friends. We organized the ones in the garage and cleaned the garage the best we could with empty boxes all over. So, I found a package of Chinese Chicken Morsels to cook, as long as they are good. I believe it is chicken pieces marinated in Asian seasonings of some kind, from about 3 years ago. I’m going to switch that out for tonight as long as it’s good. I’m excited because we were able to leave one defrosting, as well, inside the garage, so it means I’ve emptied 2 during this project of using things up.

  2. Happy Birthday, Lovana!!! Hope your Birthday is wonderful and full of special surprises.

    Those flowers are so beautiful, Becky! I just love all the colours!!!

    1. Thank you. I took that picture while we were at the zoo last week. They had an area set up like an old-time farm and they were in window boxes in front of the “house.” I loved them, too. We also enjoyed seeing wildflowers all around the zoo, as well.

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