Moving Update and Use-It-Up May 19, 2016


Wow!  What a week, and it’s not even over yet.  Last Saturday, the girls had a dance recital and received flowers.  They are gorgeous.  Tuesday, Patsy was adopted and received more beautiful flowers. They are lovely, too.  Tuesday, we also signed the papers for the house sale, and Saturday, (2 days from now), we have to be completely out by 5 p.m.

Who does that??????  In a week???? Right????

Believe it or not, I think we are going to make it.  Room after room is getting finished, boxes are stacked up in the garage and front room, the camper is loaded down with WAY too much stuff (hope the van can pull it–LOL), I go around smelling like Woodsman Goat Milk Soap because that’s all that’s left in the shower, and the meals are getting very creative.


You can do a lot with 1 frying pan, which is all that is in the kitchen right now.  These are some frozen waffles I made some time ago, and I fried them in the pan.  I also made some soup from veggies and a jar of tomatoes and some leftover hamburger meat in the pan.  I have purchased very few groceries this month.  I have used old cans of soup that have been around forever, boxes of this and that, frozen veggies, muffins and other frozen baked products, cereal (boxed–no one’s favorite), instant oatmeal packets we made with 4H (they needed salt), and more.  It feels good to have used so many things up.


The last of some sour cream, some mayo, garlic and the leaves that were not brown, wilted or rotten off of the lovely basil plant my aunt got me to put in the kitchen when we were showing the house, were all whirled together to make some dressing/dip, which is now in the camper.

Several pieces of meat were saved out and will go into a cooler to slowly defrost over the next few days for meals in the week to come.  I made myself super sick eating out too much–my gluten intolerance reared its ugly head, and so I’ve made time to cook this week.  I’m feeling much better this week.  Some has been frozen foods that were given to me, some salads, and people brought food or cooked for me.  My daughter made a delicious ham dinner and we ate with them Tuesday, my aunt brought yummy soup Wednesday, and both sisters sent food as well.

Several people will come to help tomorrow, but the bulk of them will be here on Saturday, bright and early.  Rob will pull the camper over to my sister’s tomorrow, and we will sleep there tomorrow night.  We have been doing laundry and all items are either going in the camper, or in a bin.  We have finished packing all the canning in the basement.  Beds will come down tomorrow.  Then, Saturday, it will all be carried away to storage, and we will be finished with this phase, at last.  We have family plans on Sunday afternoon, and a graduation party for a boy who we are close to.  Then, we are going to slow down, and stop and smell the roses for a few days.  Kind of. There are still a few things to do that we have been neglecting while we moved.  At least, it will be easier than this week, and then we are going camping on Thursday:)  I’m ready!



9 thoughts on “Moving Update and Use-It-Up May 19, 2016”

  1. Two major life moments in one week does seem stressful. Hope you all will be able to get a good rest after Saturday! Congratulations again on Patsy’s adoption and the sale of your house!


    1. Thank you. I’m looking to a little more down time, for sure! I’m just relieved that we have finally met all of the requirements for the buyer’s loan, and the thing has gone through. There were an awful lot of stipulations, I thought, so when they gave us the chance to sign early, we jumped on it.

  2. Wow, sounds like an exhausting week!
    Congratulations on Patsy’s adoption! The flowers are beautiful! Great news on signing the papers for the sale! Have you started looking at new houses?
    Your waffles in the skillet made me smile…definitely creative but it worked!
    Hope the move goes well tomorrow, and I hope you can get some rest next week. You surely deserve it after the past few months!

  3. happy moving day! My son and his family are on their way here from south Florida. I wasn’t expecting them until Sunday but you know, late Friday night is close enough, lol. They had movers in to help them (his company is paying for it). Fortunately they are a new family and haven’t acquired as much as I have over the years. And congratulations on adopting your daughter. She looked lovely in her photos that day.

  4. I hope all is going well with your move! Hang in there, you are almost to the finish line!

    1. I’m on Wi-Fi for the first time in a couple of days:) We made it through! We have a family birthday party this afternoon, and a close family friend’s son’s graduation party! We feel like our responsibility level has dropped a lot, but it still hasn’t sunk in all the way!

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