Saving Money–May 23, 2016


We did it!  We are all the way moved and out of the old house.  This is the thing, by far, that saved us the most money this week.  We now have no house payment.  By selling the house quickly, we don’t have to continue paying a house payment we cannot afford, since Rob is still not working.  By agreeing to close early, and getting out early, we saved a few more days’ worth of money.

We were so thankful.  over 30 people showed up to help in the rain, and we were settled in our little house by 6 p.m.


The garden is growing like crazy.  I picked some lettuce and boc choi and used them in meals already.FullSizeRender

Patsy got some free entertainment out of the tiny baby kittens Auntie showed her when we arrived.  Auntie is going to have Patsy help feed the cats every day for a job, and because Patsy loves animals so much.  It was nice to have something for her to look forward to.  FullSizeRender

I don’t have a menu plan, yet.  I  stuffed 2 coolers and the tiny fridge with leftover food from the old house and I’m just trying to use it up before it rots.  I have an idea for what I want to do, I’m just still figuring things out.

I have a lot of figuring out to do.  It’s going to be an adjustment going from 3200 square feet to a camper.  We had a family birthday party and a graduation party to attend after church yesterday.  Today, we had to drive Patsy to school (now over 45 minutes away) and Lovana to work, plus attend a play Patsy was in at school tonight.  It lasted only 20 minutes, but we were happy to see her play she had worked hard for, but we stayed in that area anyway and did some laundry.  I did a lot of school with Ja’Ana today.  She has a bunch to do, now that we are settled.  I can’t find things, yet, in the camper.  I’ve already removed a large pile of clothes and other things from the cupboards.  They are going into the storage unit.  I packed too much:)  I’ll get it figured out.  It may just take a little while.

So, I’m going to be patient with myself and others.  Since that task is going to be so hard, I plan to spend a little more time reading my Bible and praying.  Especially verses about patience, kindness, gentleness and love:)  Especially when they are already fighting and yelling at each other to get their “foot/hand/arm” off MY BUNK/PILLOW/ETC.  Especially when one of them pours a quantity of milk on the floor because she was watching tv instead of her cup.  There were, however, gales of laughter at other times, lots of giggles and joy, as well.  We are all going to grow and change.  I’m determined it will be for the better, as much as it is within my power.


12 thoughts on “Saving Money–May 23, 2016”

  1. Gorgeous garden photos! Glad your move is behind you. Did you know “tiny houses” are all the rage now? There is a whole show on HGTV. Maybe when the girls are crabby they can watch a tiny house hunters on YouTube and see how fashionable they are!

    1. I worked in the garden for quite a while today. The weeds are growing as well. It is such a treat to step outside my camper door and walk about 15 steps to the garden. It is my view from my back window, and I love it!!!

  2. Yes. It will be hard living on top of each other but this is temporary too. You’ve been through so much and have come out the other side. Read your bible. Try to stay positive. We are all rooting for you.

  3. So glad you had some help with the move…wow 30 people…that shows you are loved. I know it will be an adjustment Give yourself grace during this time. I do love your attitude…it will be for the better…

    1. Thank you. We are so grateful for everyone who has helped us through this hard time. There were also others who came the day before, and in other previous days to help. We simply could not have finished so well without their help.

  4. I’m glad that chapter is now closed and your new one begins. 🙂 I remember years ago making the move from a large home with our 3 little boys, all under the age of 4, into a small 2 bedroom shack with weeds actually growing up from under the house and up the walls. We were all on top of each other and it was hotter than blazes because we lived down in an area that the wind did not get to. We were there for 3 months while we hunted for another home to buy up in this area. Most of our stuff was in storage and we had the bare minimum with us in that tiny place. We shared one dresser for 5 us of and a closet. We had 2 twin mattresses on the floor in one of the tiny bedrooms and it filled up the entire room. The boys all slept there. My hubby and I shared a full sized bed (and he is a big man) in the other bedroom and between it and the dresser, the room was pretty much filled up (and the bed was even pushed up against the wall). Our upright freezer was in the living room along with with one couch and one chair. There was no dining area. We did spend a lot of time outside that Summer and went to lots of parks so the boys could run off some energy so they would go to sleep quickly at night. 😉 We told them we were just “camping” for the Summer in that little place. As I look back on it now it was some of the most fun we ever had!

  5. I am praying that God gives you patience, along with joy and peace as you trust in him. It must be a relief to have the moving out part behind you. I can not wait to read all that God has planned for your family in the coming months and years. Blogs are such a strange thing in that you start to feel like you know people you have never met. Your choosing to trust and love in the middle of such a hard situation is such an example to me. Thank you for living out your faith and writing about it so that I can learn from you.

    1. Keep those prayers up! We need every one. Thank you for the encouragement. Writing this blog was something I had wanted to do for a long time, but didn’t know how. My niece got me started last October, and I’m grateful for her help. I am learning so much about myself through the writing process, and I’m glad that it’s encouraging you, too. It helps me look back at the past few months, and see how very much good is coming from a very bad situation, and helps me remember to be thankful. (Sometimes I need to remind myself that happiness is a choice:) )

  6. I know that leaving your home was difficult for you and your family, but at least that part is over now. I’m looking forward to reading about your house hunting in the near future. I hope you find that perfect diamond in the rough for your family to start over in.

    As for the tight quarters, we used to have our trailer in a seasonal camp. We’d spend as much time there as we could during the summer, living out of the trailer like we would a cottage. I’m sure everyone will find their groove soon. Sounds like Patsy may have already found hers. Watching those kittens grow will be lots of fun for her this summer!

    1. I agree, Rhonda. I’m looking forward to moving forward. It’s been kind of like getting ready for a big trip and now we are on it!! At least so far. I’m looking forward to going to a campground tomorrow near Ft Clatsop, where Lewis and Clark wintered over on their historic journey.

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