Saving Money–July 10, 2016



Rob taught Ja’Ana how to replace the inner tube in her bike tire.  We’ve been giving the bikes a real workout lately on all our camping trips and she ran over something.  We spent 4 nights at Champoeg State Park.  It’s near my sister’s, so were able to do our regular things, while enjoying the park in between activities.


July the 5th is BOTH of our mothers’ birthdays!  So, on the 4th, we had a double birthday party.


Rob barbecued, my sister made lemon meringue pies for everyone (mine has no crust–it was great!), we used lots of garden produce, and we had a great time while celebrating the 4th of July, plus birthdays.


We drove past this flower seed field one evening.  It was so beautiful!


We are enjoying lots of baby kitties right now.   We need to tame some of them down because we have people who would like to have them.


We are eating peaches like crazy.  I helped sell u-pick peaches Saturday, and will do so on Monday and Tuesday, as well as help can beans.  I made peach upside down cake, gluten free bread from a mix, sweet and sour pork, chicken soup, coleslaw, lots of sandwiches and salads, Rob b-b-qued burgers, steak, chicken and the last of the trout for the 4th and other meals.  We are eating lots of lettuce, zucchini, onions, carrots, green onions, and just started getting beans from the garden.  We will can a load in the morning.  Wild blackberries are also ripe on the bushes here on the property.

We did quite a bit of work in the garden this evening.  We pulled out old lettuce, spinach and the broccoli plants, which turned out to be a very strange variety that was very odd and did not taste good.  We were so happy that it wasn’t the tomatoes that failed!  Usually, I carefully choose all of the varieties from seed catalogs and grow my own starts.  This year I was at the mercy of the stores for starts because of the move.  If broccoli was my greatest casualty, I’m relieved.


6 thoughts on “Saving Money–July 10, 2016”

  1. How funny for the two mothers to have the same birth date. I remember my Dad teaching me to change a tire. He wasn’t sure I could do it if I ever needed to. I think I’ve only had to once. Changing a bike tire seems like a need to know with the summer fun yall have been having. He probably needs to have a group lesson for all the girls. I’ve had to push a bike home more than once. Not fun. Haha. Especially when it was loaded with heavy library books.

  2. I think you did great! I love that your husband is teaching your daughter how to work on the bikes. It is a great skill to have and one that not many people learn. Happy Belated birthday to your moms!

  3. I enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful pictures. I do not know which is my favorite. Your girls are simply adorable, your husband is so helpful, and we get to see you with two of the daughters, The lovely grandmothers seem to have had a blessed birthday. I have never seen a field of flowers and it would simply take my breath away at its beauty.

    1. Thanks, Pat.
      Around here, there are certain places where they grow seeds for flowers. They vary, according to the year, and what the farmers plant. There were 2 fields of these mixed ones, and a yellow one, and I’m not sure what else. I was coming back from getting Ja’Ana from her day camp counseling, when we passed those fields. They were in an area that I am not usually in. It was breathtaking. There was also a good view of Mt. Hood in the far distance, but it did not show up with my quickly snapped (out the window with my IPhone) picture. I can’t believe how many great shots I’ve gotten with that phone, but it does have limitations, especially for distance shots.

      One of my motivations in doing this blog is so that I will have kind of a picture-journal of this time of our life in a place where I can’t lose all of the photos or where they are in a box waiting for me to have time to put them in a scrapbook. I’m glad you are enjoying the pictures!

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