Saving Money–July 31, 2016


We got quite a bit of entertainment out of a 99c box of cherry tomatoes one evening.  I joked that this was Rob’s mug shot:)  The kids were in stitches over his “eyeballs.”

I did not do this post last week because we were without internet for the entire week while we cooked at high school camp.

Before we disappeared into the hills, we bought quite a few things at Grocery Outlet.  The tomatoes were one of them.  I took quite a few snacks, drinks, and a few other foods.  They were very reasonable because I was not picky as to what kind I bought, as long as it was inexpensive.   The kids , us and J’s friends who were campers took care of the drinks.  The granola bars, etc., were used by the cousins and friends.  The Lucky Charms I got for 99c per box were enjoyed by Jake and Michaela (niece and nephew) on mornings they did not get up in time.  There were a few occasions where I needed to get some food at the camper for myself, a niece or nephew, or my aunt, but for the most part, our entire family ate with the camp.  I had taken fruits and vegetables, but have most of them left because there was plenty of that kind of thing served.  The food was excellent (I helped finish it up, but the lady who did the planning was amazing and had much of it prepared ahead of time.)  Rob grilled.  So, we did not consume our usual amount of grocery money last week.  We used it up Saturday and Sunday, though when we got back.  It was nice to have extra to eat out, guilt-free, and nice to restock our groceries in the camper.

The night we returned  to home base I stir-fried vegetables with 2 pieces of chicken and cooked rice for a quick meal.

We had our usual family Sunday dinner today.  We ate some leftovers from camp as well as some chicken we bought, along with garden beans.


We enjoyed the lake and wild flowers.  I got to go on a boat ride, the first I’ve had in years.

My sister gave me some apples and pears.  I picked veggies from the garden.  My sister and I also weeded a bunch last evening, while we visited.  She canned about 60 more jars of beans while I was gone!  That makes around 150 quarts off those bushes so far, between the ones she did and her mother-in-law did.

I read “A Girl of the Limberlost.”  Patsy is trying to read it and ran into a few things she did not quite understand, so I read it and am discussing it as we go along.  It’s an old favorite, but I had not read it for years, so enjoyed it once again.

Tomorrow we get back to real life!  We have a plumber coming to look over the house we are hoping to buy.  Wednesday, we have an electrician coming.  After those 2 inspections, we should know a whole lot more.  I’m excited!

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  1. That Rob is a cut up. It is so wonderful to hear the laughter of children. Sounds like the week at camp was a total success. I can’t believe how many beans your sister has put away. I’m impressed with your garden.

    1. On a normal year, I always bring my bean supply up to 100 quarts, a few pints, and some frozen beans. That means that if I have 27 left over, I can 73 more that year. I always try to have some left over in case of a bad growing year. However, to do that many, I had to plant more rows in my other garden. I, also, am very impressed with how good the soil is here.

      The new house has an established garden area that hopefully will have some great dirt in it. I will need to amend the soil, I’m sure, but I have high hopes because the owner has gardened quite a bit–it’s not a pile of junky fill dirt that someone just put there, or a lawn I will have to dig up. Since I’m using up my canning this coming winter and am not adding more to it this summer, I’m wondering what kind of a summer I’ll have next year, but I’m sure it will involve LOTS of canning, which makes me happy. I miss doing it.

  2. Rob’s tomato eyeballs are hilarious.. The mist over the lake is gorgeous. I am so happy about the probable buy of your new home, and I have been praying for the right home to be found.

    1. Thank you so much. The plumbing inspection yesterday turned out great! The “problems” that the first inspector noted do not seem to be a real issue. Now, the electrical tomorrow, and hopefully, we are on our way!

      1. I’m catching up I my blogs – it’s been a very busy week. I hope the electrical inspection went well! I’m excited for you that things seem to be falling into place.

        1. We did find some issues that HAD to be addressed in the electrical. Thankfully, they are not super bad, and we were able to come to an agreement about which part we fill fix and which part they will fix on the things that need fixing. So, now things are really starting to move! They want to close next week–hurray!

  3. Good look with the inspection tomorrow. The way your family has dealt with all the recent challenges is very inspiring.

    1. It went great, for the most part, and we were able to negotiate repairs successfully! So, the next step is actually closing and they are thinking that we can close next week, since there are no banks to deal with! I’m excited.

  4. I lost your blog for a while and just “found you” again today! SO glad to hear you and your family are doing well!
    I’m so jealous of your wonderful garden! We moved about a year ago for my husbands job, and are renting a home with no place for a garden. I miss the feeling of self-sufficiency that gardening gives! Not to mention all the fresh veg! It’s also nice that your family is involved in the garden with you. Even if they are getting paid for their time, it’s nice to have helpers.
    A Girl of the Limberlost is a wonderful book!! It was one of my grandmother’s favorites! Have you read Freckles? It is by the same author, and I loved it equally! Another of her favorites was A Tree Grows in Brooklyn – I think that one is by Betty Smith. All of them are stories about folks not having much, and striving to improve their lives. I just love them all!
    Anyway, congrats on your new home! Enjoy what’s left of summer! 🙂

    1. Thanks! I have never read “Freckles.” I’ll have to see if the library has it. I do love the help. The problem with living in a camper this summer is that I have very little work for kids to do to earn money, so I’ve been using the garden for that–which is nice!

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