Saving Money–Dec. 5, 2016


The weather turned colder, and so Rob picked the iris.  It opened right up overnight.  It’s so pretty and unusual to have an iris blooming in December!


I also picked a tremendous amount of lettuce from the garden.  I think it’s the last hurrah, but who knows?  I was able to serve taco salad to our family and the friends who visited and still have lots left.


We put the tree up in the garage/family room.  It is sitting on top of a table I keep out there.  Rob got a bargain tree for $20 that he cut down on Saturday and chopped it off to fit the small area we have.  We used the branches from the part he chopped off to decorate the railing in front of our house.  He put up a small string of lights as well, outside.


I dug through the bins of fabric in the shop and found a Christmas piece.  I used it for a tablecloth to make the kitchen more festive.  I bought a kit for a gingerbread house, plus a little more candy from the bulk section of Winco, and Patsy enjoyed decorating it for quite a while on Saturday.

While shopping, I found chicken drumsticks for 68c/lb.  I bought 3 packages, cooked 1 and froze 2.  We have had spaghetti several times this week, from the batch of sauce I made last Tuesday.  We will finish it today.  It was a large batch and was made from home-canned tomato products, 1 pound of ground beef and various odds and ends of parmesan cheese that were in the fridge, over gluten-free noodles I had on hand.  We also had make-your-own tacos/taco salad with our friends.  There are still quite a few leftovers in the fridge to keep the family eating for the first part of the week.



10 thoughts on “Saving Money–Dec. 5, 2016”

  1. Becky , everything is looking great.. Love the Christmas fabric table cloth..
    The lettuce looks yummy and the taco night sounds good and fun too.
    Hope you and your family have a blessed and wonderful Christmas.

    1. Thanks, Judy. The best part about the tablecloth is that I just folded under any extra, and after Christmas, it will be fabric again–for another year or a project. I just am looking for some thicker vinal to cover it with–the plastic cover I have is way too flimsy.

  2. If an iris can be confused with this crazy weather, then I don’t feel so bad. Seeing it gives me hope spring will return someday. I know, we haven’t even started winter yet and I am already whining.

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