Saving Money–June 18, 2017


I harvested more lettuce, green onions, a little broccoli and quite a few snow peas this week.  I was able to use some of the produce at the 2 parties we had, as well as in meals and was able to share lettuce.

Jake and Patsy both got signed up for summer reading at the library.  We checked out lots of books and they’ve already started reading towards prizes, tickets for a drawing and an end-of-the summer party.


I took Ja’Ana shopping for clothes for her birthday.  We though she would enjoy picking things out for herself.  We hit an amazing sale.  Things were 60% off, with an additional 20% off coupon, and a $10 off 50.  So, she got a pair of shorts, a pair of capris, 2 tops and a dress for a little over $40 (after coupons, etc.)

We used our zoo pass one time last week, and plan to use it again tomorrow.  We had 2 birthday parties, and kept them simple and reasonable.  You can read about the tea party here and the BBQ and sugar donut birthday party here.

We all finished school this week, except the homeschoolers who still have to do math during the summer and take a test in July.  Now, I will be working more hours with Jake and Michaela since it’s summer.  This is Rob’s summer job, so he will be taking his turn often, and at times, we will both work at the same time–one of us will work with Jake and one with Michaela.  We will be doing some overnights as well, when their parents are out of town.  So, we are planning lots of summer fun for all the kids.  We will be doing lots of frugal activities such as Kids Bowl Free, going to the park, the library summer reading, hikes, swimming at the YMCA, the zoo with our pass, picnics, etc.  When we add in church activities, camps, volunteering and more that the big girls are signed up for…..whew!  Patsy is getting a little older, so she has a few of those kinds of activities as well.  Rob may be glad when his “vacation” is over–we’ll see:)  It’s shaping up to be a fun summer.


6 thoughts on “Saving Money–June 18, 2017”

  1. Love the photo of your garden bounty. Ja’Ana is a beautiful young woman and you can just tell her is a really special person inside. I enjoyed the party pictures in the prior post as well.
    Sounds like your summer is hopping! I was surprised last week how busy I was. No camps this week and I hope DD can get signed up for the library program, too!

    1. I always have all these high aspirations of what I am going to accomplish during the break, since I homeschool. Then, time passes so quickly, and usually, I have plenty left on my list for another time…..but, it is never boring around here;)

  2. Ja’Ana got some great deals! I am so pleased for her! 🙂 Sounds like you have a very busy Summer planned already. You are right, your hubby may be glad to go back to his regular work to get some rest after everything you guys will be up to this Summer. 😉

    1. We sure had a great day at the zoo today–lots of sunshine. With the crew today, we moved V-E-R-Y slowly, and didn’t even see as much as we did the other day with a 3 year old:) BUT, we had a blast! Good thing we have a pass–we’ll get to go back another day.

    1. Wow! What a weekend we’ve had! We ALL might be relieved to go to “work!” We’ve just spent several days helping with the rummage sale at church. It was very laborious, but rewarding. The teens earned a lot of money (like over $6 thousand) for their mission trip in August. We also had all 3 nieces/nephew since Wednesday since their parents had an out-of-town wedding. So, I hope I can keep up with me this summer:)

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