What Did We Eat? March 22, 2018


I did not get over the flu, or whatever it was, as quickly as I wanted to.  Of course, to be honest, I have no patience for sickness and want it to be over with on the first hour:). But, even for me, this crud has lingered longer than normal.  I stayed home for a solid week.  That’s very rare for me.  I did not cook very much this week.  Rob did everything last weekend, and I joined in as I got better.

My sister sent some soup and my aunt, hard boiled eggs.  I had both of those.

Rob got some Chinese food when I first got sick.  I did not appreciate it as much as I usually do, but later, when I was a little better, I ate the soup a few times.  He and the kids slicked it up, and he finished it in his lunches.

He bought a rotisserie chicken and we ate that for several meals.  We ate it as it was.  He took some in his lunches.  I boiled the bones today, and he made some gravy from the broth.  He mashed potatoes and ate chicken gravy over mashed potatoes.  Twice. In one day.  It was good:)


There is 1 quart of broth left, which I froze.

I had some turkey left from the 20 lb one I cooked last week. Most of that ended up frozen for future meals. I made enchilada casserole, using corn tortillas and a can of sauce.  I’m so thankful I purchased another can when the one I had was used.  It really came in handy when I was not feeling well to be able to make dinner fast.  It went back on the list right away.

The kids made endless quesadillas from cheese and tortillas.  Good thing Rob got 10 pounds last weekend.  You would be amazed and a bit horrified at how much cheese got used this week, but thankfully, there’s lots left.

We cooked a frozen gluten-free pizza for me .  Last weekend, one of the kids bought pizza and they ate that.

I made a batch of no-bake mountain bars last evening.

We had salad a lot.  It was fast and easy.  We cooked a few green beans, as well, and Patsy ate quite a bit of applesauce.  I baked some potatoes and we ate them for several days.

It wasn’t a banner week, but we got through it with a few compromises.  Rob got through the 3 days he needed to work before getting off for spring break.  He always packs a lunch. His choice is the school cafeteria, and he often doesn’t get his lunch breaks at a predictable time.  He feels the school food is overpriced for what small amount he would be given, and also it is highly processed food for the most part.  So, he takes food with him.  We usually count on leftovers to fill his lunch pail.  I’m glad we made it through the week as well as we did, and am looking forward to a super fun week ahead, full of spring break activities and fun!

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  1. Glad you are doing better. Try to get some rest so that you don’t have a relapse. Some weeks you have to just get thru them and you did that. Glad your kids are able to help. Teenagers are good to have around. I always try to keep some soups in the freezer for when we get sick. They taste so much better then canned.
    I agree with Rob on school lunches. My son would buy them occasionally but my daughter rarely buys them. They take sandwiches or leftovers for lunch. Thank goodness for leftovers. On days I work I always take lunch. It will depend on what we have in the house. I’m happy with 2 hard boiled eggs and a cheese stick and a piece of fruit. If there is food that needs to be eaten I will take that.

    1. Packing lunches is the best way to go. I used to take food everywhere I went, especially when my job was giving piano lessons and I was away from home 2 days per week.

  2. Nothing is worse than when Mom is sick. Then it becomes obvious to everyone how much work she does!

    My major problem has been an overstocked pantry full of odd things that are expiring. My pantry was stocked full, then my sons returned home in December and brought the food from their apartments. Now they are looking for jobs and leaving again. I plan on sending new, fresh food with them so I want to use up the expiring food while they are here. This what I have done this week.

    * 40 small bags of cheese from packages of instant mashed potatoes with cheese sauce. I bought a case a long time ago when they were extremely cheap. My youngest son hated the instant potatoes with cheese sauce so I have all the bags of sauce left. This week I made mac’n cheese and my son ate it. Afterward, I told him which cheese I used, he laughed. We both agreed it does not beat “Velveeeedeeer” cheese but it was edible.

    *One bag of quinoa with spices. I have no idea where this came from. It just appeared. I followed the instructions and it was horrible! No one liked the seasonings at all. It was put outside in the bird feeder – even they would not eat the stuff.

    *Homemade peach jelly made from a low-sugar recipe. Epic fail. My family said homemade jelly can’t be improved, don’t change it. Now I have one batch of jelly no one wants and after all that hard work making it I am NOT going to throw it away. I tried putting one spoonful in the middle of muffin batter before I baked them…then I burned the muffins!!!! So I put them in the bird-feeder also and the birds loved them. I will continue to work on the jelly problem.

    *Made meatloaf by mixing two-year-old venison with hamburger meat. Used up some of the canned tomatoes from the MILLIONS of cans I have.

    *My husband can no longer eat more than a few beans at a time because of digestion problems. My middle son gets heartburn from pinto beans. He can eat other beans but not pintos. Both pick them out of soups and stews. I have a bunch I bought for almost nothing when a local store was going out of business. I tried making bean sprouts to go on salads and both can eat them without being bothered.
    I also cooked a large pot and sent bean burritos with my sons when they worked out of town yesterday. We fed the whole crew. It will take a million years to eat all of these beans at this rate but they will keep forever.

    We have had some weird meals but at least I am making progress.


  3. Becky, I am so sorry you are not recovering as quickly as you would like. It’s hard to take it easy when there’s work to be done, I know, but, hopefully, you will be able to rest a bit in the upcoming week. I tried to comment on the earlier post, but I don’t know if it went through, because my computer is acting up (keeps freezing on me!)

    Sounds like everyone pulled together to make meals happen while you were recovering. Hope you are having a good weekend and continue to recover. Take care.

  4. Hope you are on the last leg of mending. That is always the worst part to me — the time when the impatience sets in. Be careful and don’t wear yourself out too quickly.

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