Thriving During My Thrifty Week–May 28, 2018


This week was too interesting and fulfilling to be called “Weekly Update and Saving Money” like usual!  So I wrote a better title, but it’s the same post I do every weekend:)

We got to watch Michaela graduate from her program at school.  Not only that, but she was chosen to give a speech for the entire graduation.  There were only 2 who did, and she just marched up there and gave that speech.  She was amazing!  She did not seem scared or nervous!  Of course, afterwards, the family who attended ended up at Dairy Queen, her choice.

We did lots of fun things to celebrate the occasion.  She went with me and we picked Patsy up from school so she could attend the graduation.  I took them to McDonald’s and used my app to buy them each a McFlurry (buy one, get one free).  Her mom took her swimming and out to McDonald’s for nuggets and fries.  Then, to end the day at DQ?  A perfect day with perfect meals in her eyes.


Saturday, I finished up my bean cooking project by putting the refried beans into cartons and freezing them out in the shop, where the big freezers live.  I ended up with these 7 pints, plus a couple more that are in a bowl in the fridge to eat this week. It was very satisfying to be able to get that done.  We really, really prefer the homemade ones to the ones from cans.  We ate chili dogs for lunch, making a big dent in the chili.  I did cook a few more things as well on Saturday:  Potato salad, rosemary and olive oil roasted potatoes, and pasta salad.  The salads were for family Sunday dinner.  We ate the potatoes with some steak Rob bbq’d on Saturday, and he did more steak and some chicken legs for Sunday.  We had a few more family members than normal on Sunday, as we were celebrating several birthdays.


I worked in the garden quite a bit.  The raspberries are starting to get red.  But, the 2 I ate were extremely sour, so I am willing to wait a little longer:). I planted my watermelon and cantaloupe plants and a little more lettuce, and now–it’s really, really full!

Jake spent the night last night, and I’ve been toasting hot dog buns, as the bread seems to have become moldy, made popcorn, cup of noodles, and other “Jake” food.  I’ve been reading endless Berenstain Bear stories, and we are now on “The Long Winter,” our 5th Laura and Mary book.  Now, I’m having to find true stories about Laura, as well, to read.  He can’t get enough.  To make it better, his class at school studied pioneers, and they played a copy of one of the old shows for the kids.  He was delighted.  He knew who Nellie Olson was, as already didn’t like her, so the show was way more fun for him to watch. He made a yarn doll at school, but quickly pointed out that it was different than the one Ma made for Laura.

Now, we are going to pack a picnic and take a drive to a lake or river, where our plan is to let him throw as many rocks as he wants to.  Sounds like my kind of day.  Hopefully, I will get some great pictures and will share them later in the week:)










12 thoughts on “Thriving During My Thrifty Week–May 28, 2018”

  1. Congratulations to Michaela! How wonderful that she was chosen to address the graduating students and that she was able to do so! I am sure you are all so very proud of her! Celebrating at the DQ sounds great to me!

    You’ve had a busy week with all that has been going on! A day at the river or lake with Jake, throwing stones, sounds like a good idea! Yesterday, we were reading the menu for one of a chain of diners (Denny’s; I don’t know if you have them up there) and they had a Star Wars themed menu, and I thought of Jake! Even if he might not eat the actual foods, he’d like the names!

    Hope you have a lovely week ahead.

    1. I’ll have to check out Denny’s menu!!! I have Jake for a lot of time this summer…maybe he could do chores for a trip to Star Wars food:). I will check it out. Thanks for the tip.

      Dairy Queen is where our family always ends up:)

  2. Congratulations, Michaela! I think this week’s title is lovely. And those raspberries look amazing – isn’t it neat to watch as berries begin to ripen like that?

    It seems like your post cut off partway, so I’ll have to swing back. I’m betting you have more lovely pictures that I’m missing out on. Arnold voice: “Ah’ll be bahk!” 😉

    1. I’ve done so much freezer cooking in the past, even so far as to do the 30 meal freezer cooking. It has been a great tool for me. Then, I’ve gone through times where I don’t do any at all! Right now, I’m trying to reach a balance with it–the best place to be in:). I really love having things already prepared at my fingertips for those busy days, but have to watch it or I stack up so many that we never get through them before they freezer burn!

  3. Congrats to your niece! I have to admit, Dairy Queen is my favorite place to eat out. I like the price and I like all the ice cream…lol

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