Thriving in My Thrifty Week–July 22, 2018


I continued cooking up a storm this week.  This morning I used the last of some clearance mushrooms in omelets for breakfast.  I put a little basil from the garden in with the eggs to give it a little different flavor.  Rob wasn’t sure what it was, but he liked it:)

We got gluten-free bread for $1/loaf at a salvage grocery store. We bought several.  I froze a few, and gave a couple to my sister.  (Mom, be warned–I’m sending a couple of loaves up to your house one of these days–hope you have freezer room).  At the same store, I got Enjoy Life gluten-free, dairy free chocolate chips for $1/bag.  If you need them, you know what they are and how much they usually cost–usually around $5/bag.  I’m not dairy free, but they work fine in cookies regardless.


I made a sandwich with the gluten-free bread, garden lettuce, ham, and some of those zucchini dill chips.  We opened and ate the first jar, because I don’t want to make them again if I don’t like them, but they were very good. They will improve with time, so should be terrific.   I’m glad, because the zucchini bushes are still producing heavily out there.  I picked them extremely small for these pickles, so bought myself a couple of days that I don’t have to pick any.  (I mean, over 35 in one week?  What’s next week going to bring with the hot temperatures we will have–either lots more, or they will slow down in protest.  Either way, I’m happy)

We were able to get together today for Family Sunday Dinner for the first time in a while,  due to vacations, etc.  Rob made brisket from the freezer, and I made coleslaw from cabbage my sister grew, zucchini and other veggie stir fry, sliced garden tomatoes, and canned corn.  There was also watermelon and drinks from others.  It saves us at least $100 every time we eat as an extended family after church vs. going out to dinner, and I doubt we could have taken the 14 people that came today out to dinner for that amount.  My sister’s family used to eat out a lot on Sundays, and is thrilled that we all do this now.

I will go grocery shopping sometime later in the week, but never found the time on either Friday or Saturday, my normal weekly shopping times.  The few items I picked up mid-week were enough. Since we are making out just fine, I’m concluding that I really didn’t need those other items on the list quite yet, so am just hanging onto the money until I really need them.  Having so much garden produce is really helping me stay out of the regular grocery store.

We have been pulling meat out of the freezers that has been there for a while and using it up.  This week, I used some very old turkey drumsticks and pork chops, along with the not-so-old meat and other items we also ate.  Both older items were just fine.


We continue to enjoy flowers from the yard and garden.  Patsy especially enjoys making bouquets.

Rob got a box of jam and jelly jars for free at a garage sale.  There are at least 20 in there. I usually give jam as gifts for Christmas, so am glad to have more jars for free.  The included pectin was from 2009, so I’m going to throw that away.

He found some items at yard sales that he has already listed and sold and made a small profit.

He also spent hours on the phone again, getting the insurance corrected–our new cards came with our old insurance still listed as an option on them–oops!  He was on hold for 2 hours, but prevailed and it’s all supposed to be fixed by tomorrow.   Once that is done for sure, he will spend the time needed to change our doctors.  The new insurance doesn’t cover our old primary care physician, and so we need a new one.  All of this is taking lots of time and effort, but is necessary for us.  We are very thankful to have insurance.  Between working with the kids, going to yard sales, and all these phone calls, he’s keeping busy, which is good.

We also spent a good amount of time cleaning in the shop one morning, and where we cleaned looks awesome.  We want to spend some time out there again very soon.  Whatever we find that we don’t need, we are getting rid of.  If we collect enough, we will have another garage sale.  If not, we will send it to charity.  He cleaned so much last winter that I don’t know if we have enough good stuff for another yard sale, or if what’s left would be better sold another way, or is just trash.  There’s only one way to find out!

I wouldn’t actually pay someone to sort my things at this point of my life, but am sure I am saving money by doing it myself vs. paying someone.  It does, however, make me feel very calm and cheerful when I get things cleaned up and tidy, and that’s worth a lot to me in other ways, all money-saving aside.  It’s part of thriving for me.  In fact, on Saturday, I cleaned the front room so well that Lovana thought we were having company!  It gives me a certain peace to sit down in a clean room.

How did your week go?  Did you get anything cleaned, sorted or any food preserved or grown?  Or do something else that you count as thriving or brings you peace?





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  1. Wow, that was a great price on gf bread and dairy-fee chocolate chips! I feel the same way about cleaning. If I know my week will be stressful or we are going on vacation…the house gets super clean:) It is one thing that I can somewhat control in my life (depending on how crazy my kids are that day of course)

    1. Crazy how that works, but it does! I went and visited my older sister today, and we had a great time snapping beans and picking peaches. Patsy picked some blackberries and made a cobbler when she got home.

      Tomorrow, my nephew and I will stay home for most of the day, I think. We will do his routine (chores, reading, etc.) and I’m hoping to pick my garden produce early in the morning before he comes, and there will be beans to snap here tomorrow. Sometimes likes to help with that. Rob will do all the appointments for our daughter, with our niece helping out. Another errand they will do is pick our van up from the mechanic. Yes, it broke, too. Wow! Just Wow! What can I say? Thankfully, they gave him a loaner car, which belongs to our mechanic’s wife, and they fixed the van super fast. Maybe she wants her car back:). In truth, these are dear friends, and they just wanted Rob to have a higher car that he could get in and out of since his hip is bothering him so much these days. My car is still in line, but the new-to-us engine is sitting there now, waiting to be put in.

  2. That is great they you needed so little from the store. Your stockpile to the rescue. I am so happy that your garden is doing so well. The fresh fruits and veggies are so helpful and with your canning, help grow your pantry.

    I am currently in Baltimore visiting my oldest. We are staying with her so no hotel costs. We are also cooking at her place. We did take her food shopping but it was an Aldis. We are visiting 2 colleges to look at the with our youngest. Hubby, OD and her boyfriend are supposed to go to an Orioles game tonight. We will see if it happens because of the rain. We are eating before they go and they are walking the 6 blocks so they don’t have to pay for parking.

    Just spending time talking, and playing games. Have a great week.

    1. My only visit to the east coast was last April when I went to Washington D.C. I have heard that it can be very muggy over there, although it was nice in April. I hope you are not suffering from humidity while you have fun as a family:). I hope you find a good college!

  3. We’re getting lots of squash here as well, and I’m doing my best being creative in preparing it different ways. I also stopped at the salvage store today, and found some good deals… organic chickpeas for .50/can and organic juices for $1. I’m glad Rob is sorting out the insurance so that it will all be correct soon. And free jelly jars! He did good! It sure does feel peaceful when the house has been fully cleaned, though it doesn’t happen often enough that it’s all at the same time. Blueberry jam was canned last week, and a batch of elderberry tincture started. That sounds like great deals you found at the salvage store.

    1. I know this is the most zucchini I will probably get at once–the plants are still strong and healthy, so I made another little batch of zucchini dill chips today. They looked awesome and taste great, so I will set some aside for Christmas gifts. I hope to get more.

      I had my nephew today. And Sunday afternoon. I’ve been preserving–started sweet pickles, froze a few peaches, did the dilly zucchini, picked and snapped a LOT of beans, which we will can in the morning when it is cool–My house is no longer spotless. It was nice while it lasted. I’m so happy to get the food preserved!

      I’m glad you got those good deals and lots of preserving done as well.

  4. Sounds like you had a great week, even with all the bumps (van breaking down, for example) on the way! I admire your positive attitude, Becky. That vase of flowers is lovely!

    My week was good, too. I put in my last day at the office on Friday! After 35 years (37 if you count the 2 years I worked for a different employer), I am retiring. But, first, I am using up my accumulated vacation time. So, I am on vacation and not yet retired. 🙂

  5. That omelet looks so good – and beautifully plated with the sprig of basil on top! Seems like Rob has the knack for finding the goodies at garage sales; keep him at it with that talent. 😀

    Earlier this month I started in on some training and will continue it – I have another class coming up on 1 August that I’m very excited about. A local shop owner is looking for instructors and is willing to help folks get certified, so I’ve been blessed by his support in getting firearms trainings that will lead to my own certification. Good for me professionally and personally, and good for him as I’ll channel that right back into supporting the shop and teaching for him. The August one is is Refuse to Be a Victim, and it’s on our dime, as I had already planned for it anyway when he and I conversed about the opportunity, but he’s offered me the classroom and since it is *not* a firearms course, it will be a great way for us both to serve the local community (me with the course, him as the host) for folks who do not wish to have guns. A friend has already asked if it would be appropriate for teens, as she has a teen daughter just younger than my own, so we are putting that on the “to schedule” list for local youth heading to high school and college. Comes out to be rather frugal because the courses the shop owner has already had me sit in on add up to over $200 and there are more to come, so I’ve already broken even with what I paid for the other course on my own. It’s bumped the writing of my family emergency preparedness book a bit, dedicating time to the classes instead of writing and editing, but it will benefit readers in the end as now I’ll know more and can direct folks to resources for their families’ safety and awareness.

    Just a bit excited about that. LOL

    1. That is awesome! It sounds like you have many great classes planned out for yourself and others. I think self-defense classes are a great idea for young ladies. We have never been in the right place at the right time for our daughters to take one, but have discussed it in the past.

      All the trainings will be of great benefit to you for a long time:)

  6. Great week for you!
    I was inspired by your zucchini dill post to make some refrigerator zucchini dills last night. Only one 3-cup container but, hey, it used up some of those zucchini. I’m not up to canning right now so this was a perfect project for me.

    1. I’m glad you did! I think I’ve picked around 40-45 zucchini in the last 2 weeks. Rob gently asked me today how many zucchini dill chips I though we could use in a year:). Even with giving some away for Christmas:)

  7. We have received an unbelievable blessing. Since we have lived here for 14 years, we have been trying to find someone to mow our field in exchange for the hay. It is expensive to pay to have it bush-hogged. An offer “fell” in our lap (had to be a God-thing), a neighbor asked and we agreed! We got our field mowed, he took the hay and he may also have horses or goats which can use our pasture later. They will clean out our fence rows for us.

    It has been busy around here this week with the tractors, trucks, and farmhands coming and going. We are glad that our land is being put to use and not being wasted.


    1. That is win-win, for sure. Your land will not go to ruin, and the neighbor will get some hay or pasture. Best of all, you won’t have to do all the work, since you have plenty other work to keep you occupied. Like catching that raccoon!!

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