A Little Sewing–New Look–HO182–Nov. 29, 2018


I was very happy to complete a fun sewing project yesterday.  I had a bit of trouble gathering the needed notions, though.  When I got this fabric 1/2 price last Saturday, I didn’t buy thread.  Why would I buy thread?  I have a small bin absolutely full of spools of thread from projects in the past.  But, not this color except for a teeny, tiny bit on a small spool.  Or anything else that was close.  I used the little bit and I sent poor Rob off to JoAnn’s on Monday, but he was unable to get any.  They were still decimated from Black Friday weekend, and most of the blue thread was gone.  The clerks were super busy, and couldn’t help, and since Rob is color blind…..he didn’t feel confident to choose another color instead of the exact color I sent him to get.  (He took a picture of the old spool to get the number from it.).  I got some at Walmart the next day.  Whew.  Then, I went to my bin of zippers to get one–after all, with a small bin of zippers, I never need to buy one, right?  Wrong!  There were no blue ones.  On Tuesday night, I got my zipper.  I bought an extra blue one for the bin:).

In the meanwhile, between running around for these bits and pieces, I sewed the white parts, and what I could with the small amount of thread I had on that little spool.  Yesterday, with the proper notions, I finished the little dress.


I had thought to put the upper layer of white ruffle (view C) on the bottom, but I lost the piece.  Yes.  I did!  Completely.  I pinned it to the white and cut it out, and it’s gone.  Pattern piece, pins, and fabric.  We have all looked for it.  I’m sure it was either accidentally thrown away, or I will find it in a cupboard someday, stuck to a tablecloth or folded towel, or something.  But, for now, our little frozen princess will have to survive without a white ruffle.  After looking for quite a while,  I decided it was time to “Let it Go, !” as the song says. I finished the dress, and am very pleased with how it looks.  I know my little friend will be delighted with it, and I had a good time sewing once I got over the frustration of gathering the parts and pieces.  I’m ready to move on to the next project.  I have several planned for the next few weeks.  After all, it’s almost Christmas:)

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    1. Thank you. I love to sew, and haven’t had much ability to do that for the past couple of years, so it’s making me really happy that I get to do a little right now. As for the family eating on the table? Not a chance for a few days:). Good thing I have a few TV trays.

  1. adorable…
    I can relate to the thread /zipper problem.. I have big stash of both, but never seem to have the colors I need..lol
    Happy sewing , and Merry Christmas.

  2. Such a cute dress! I’m sure the recipient will love it!

    Congrats on getting back to sewing! Isn’t it satisfying? (and at times frustratjng–though it generally works out in the end, lol!)

    1. I do love sewing. The hard part here at this new house has been not having my sewing room anymore, so I have to take stuff out, put it away, and generally can’t find things. Slowly, I’m getting things better organized, so I think that will help. There are still sewing things in both kids’ bedrooms, the garage and the shop—–and currently all over the living room and kitchen because there is no where to put it all in one room! Yikes! I’ll figure it out:).

  3. So sweet! You have done a wonderful job. Someone is going to dance when they see that dress.

    I managed on a cold rainy, dreary day last week (seems all days are like that now), to sit down at my sewing table. It was the first time in a year! The chair was piled shoulder high with mending. My first step (after dumping the mending on the ironing board), was to add my Mom’s donated sewing stuff to my stuff. She had a bunch of thread, just as I did; however, between the two of us, there was only one yellow spool of thread. I called Mom, thanked her for all of her sewing supplies and then mentioned only one spool of yellow. We tried to remember back to when either of us had made anything yellow. We had no success. Isn’t that odd?


    1. I’ll bet it makes your Mom glad to know that you are able to use some of her old sewing stuff. The odd colors of thread just stay in my bin, too, whereas things like blue get used up quickly. (To add to the comedy of me running out of everything–I now have only the tiniest bit of black left after the project I just finished!). I think one of the reasons I didn’t have that color of blue I needed for the little dress was that when it came down to it, it was a little bit different color of blue than I normally use–there were a lot of purple tones in it, so I needed a darker blue than normal, but not navy. So, when I came upon a piece of that exact blue color of knit fabric in my stash, I grabbed it and made Rob a pair of sleeping shorts from it while the machine was still threaded with the blue. I will now make another pair for him to give him for Christmas, now that I have his new size figured out for that tried and true pattern I’ve used for years. I did make him a long pair of jogging pants from the same pattern for Christmas while I was at it–although he’s never been one for long pants for pajamas, he’s always cold now, so I think he will wear them in the evenings around the house to be comfy and warm. The fabric was in the shop in a bin from times past, so I’m super happy to put it to good use.

      1. Between the two of us, we had over 15 spools of black and navy thread. She gave me even more pink and purple spools…whatever will I do with those? I don’t have a little girl to sew for (sighing heavily). It is time to make more kitchen rags and I will use up the odd colors then. It will be a day of tedious sewing straight hems around rags forever!!!

        1. You hem your rags? You are amazing! Mine just get cut and are left “rag”-ged:). So many children…so many rags….so little time….what’s my excuse now?

          I wouldn’t give up on the pink and purple just yet. Those boys of yours are young yet and one of these days….you may have more pink and purple things to sew than you have time for:)

  4. Such a cute little dress! She’s going to love it! I inherited my mother’s box of threads, her buttons, her zippers, and even some of her fabric stash! She was the one who sewed almost all our clothes.

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