Sewing– Pajama pants for Jake

I spent some time today making up these Pokemon pajama pants for Jake. As soon as I found this remnant at JoAnn’s, I knew it would be perfect for him, if there was only enough! He and his much-older sister love to play the Pokemon game on her phone, and they watch tv shows about Pokemon as well. It’s kind of their special thing, and so he loves the characters. This fabric is normally quite expensive per yard, but the bolt was on sale, and then the remnant price was 1/2 the sale price. It ended up being a good price after all those reductions, so I took a chance and bought it.

This piece was either a yard, or within an inch or two of being a yard. I used it down to the last inch, but it was the length I needed to make him a pair of pants. They are actually pretty big on him, so should last a while. The fabric is very fuzzy and soft and he loves how cuddly it is. It was a bit of a pain to sew, as it wanted to squiggle out from under the needle, but thankfully, I was able to get it to behave for the most part. I think the fabric was probably intended for a blanket, but this worked, too.

These p.j. pants were part of his birthday present, but I waited until he was over here so I could measure the elastic around his waist, and make sure the length was good. That all happened today, and we were both pleased with the result. It took a bit for me to convince him it was pajamas and he couldn’t wear the pants all day. I’m not sure why I bothered. When we went to the store, there was a big boy wearing a full zip-up Pokemon sleeper…….hmmmmm. I think I’ll still let p.j.’s stay home for nighttime at my house:). I guess I’m a little old-fashioned!

There were just two skinny scraps left. So, 2 kitties got scarves. They watched, along with the kitty who didn’t get a scarf, as Patsy tried to teach Jake how to play chess. I’m not sure he’s got chess down, yet, but he seems to enjoy games quite a bit right now and is happy to have someone who will play with him. And, I was glad to get another project checked off my list!

8 thoughts on “Sewing– Pajama pants for Jake”

  1. Your blog looks great! Looking forward to catching up.
    Love the pajama pants. I’m sure he was a happy boy. Happy belated birthday.

    1. Thank you so much! It’s been super challenging, but in a way (now that the hard part is done) kind of fun:)

      Jake did like the pj’s a lot! That makes me happy, because you just never know what will please that little boy sometimes, except Legos, which always please him:). I wanted to do something different this year, and that’s always a bit of a gamble.

  2. Great idea to use that piece of fabric for pyjamas! I’m glad there was enough fabric for them and scarves for two kitties! My daughter is another Pokemon fan!

    1. It’s so interesting how much he likes Pokemon. We’ve never been fans of Pokemon at our house, but it’s something Jake and his much-older sister enjoy so much. We had to wash the pants yesterday since something got on them, and get them ready for him to wear again last night, and he’s asked multiple times if he can take them home with him when he goes. Of course, I assured him that they were part of his birthday gift and of course he got to take them home. But, he was just checking! I’m glad he likes them.

  3. Love the PJ pants. Very cute and cozy. One of these days I’ll haul out my sewing machine and get back into it –your posts are inspiring.
    I did some cooking in my Instant Pot yesterday. I had found a family pack of cut up pork with a $2 off sticker. Combined the pork with diced tomatoes, salt and pepper and little splash of leftover coffee (i add this to stews as well). Cooked 55 minutes and it came out so tender. Reheated some for dinner with BBQ sauce. Will use some for a stir fry tonight or tomorrow.. And also a small quantity of black bean soup with pork. Your cooking helped inspire this.

    1. I’m so glad you were able to get some inspiration for both cooking and sewing! When I round up the sewing supplies, and make something, I’m always so happy I did. I have been checking out books about my Instant Pot from the library and have a few more on hold. I love using it, and want to use it more. I am thinking about some soup with some of the leftover pork we cooked the other day, as well. Sounds good to me, too!

      1. I’m combining comments – congrats on the weight loss and being under budget. I’d say you both had a very successful month. Looking forward to the tips about weight loss.

        Have to say, I love it when an idea about cooking works out. I had the pork from the IP as BBQ pork the last two nights. Froze one serving. Will use the remaining in Black Bean soup. Thought about making chili with it but soup sounds better right now. Cheers

        1. Thanks! He says he’s thinking about those weight-loss tips. I’ll capture them from him, soon:)

          I’ve got the remaining pink beans I froze last week combined with some canned tomatoes and leftover southwestern pork and some leftover corn in a pot right now. It’s a cross between taco soup and chili. We’ll have it tonight for dinner. Hopefully, it will taste good when it has a chance to sit a bit. Right now, it’s a pot of leftovers, melding together on the stove. I added both chili powder and taco seasoning, 1 pepper, and a little onion as well.

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