thriving in my thrifty week–february 10, 2019

We enjoyed watching the birds this week during the snowy days we were excited to experience. Rob’s been putting bird seed out for them each day, and lots of them are coming to the bird feeder and the deck outside our dining room window.

Because we rarely get snow, we love looking at it. The kids had no school on Tuesday, then it all melted. There were a few snow showers during the week on various days, and this morning, Sunday, all services at church was delayed until 11 to let what fell last night melt off. It had frozen into ice on the roads. It’s all supposed to be back to rain tomorrow.

Rob made sure everything was weather-proofed.

Jake and Rob took the time to watch Star Wars.

I have been working on a baby quilt for Rob’s nephew’s upcoming baby. I was able to use some fabric I’ve had for a long time, and bought the rest of what I needed to finish. I’m almost done.

While I was at the quilt shop getting the batting and backing, they were having a Shop Hop event. So I was given a kit for a 6″ block and given a list of other quilt shops I could visit and get other 6″block kits. I went to the 2 other ones that were near by, but am not sure if I will have the time to visit any of the others, as they are not in our town. Still, I’m excited to get back into quilting, as I’ve taken a long break from it. In fact, I’m rusty and had to rip out a lot, but the project is looking good now. I just finished machine quilting it, which saved me quite a bit of money from having it done by someone. However, I’m really rusty on that–Jake’s blanket was the last one I did–and that was 11 years ago. Now I need to figure out the binding. Maybe I’ll have pictures in a few days:).

How did your week go? Are you getting any projects done during this winter weather?

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  1. Oh, look at all that snow! How pretty! We are getting lots of rain, down here!

    What fun to be working on a quilt! I am looking forward to seeing pictures of it! I have a couple of “in progress” quilts that I need to finish up! I just haven’t felt motivated to work on anything, lately, so, have been taking it easy, all week!

    1. It has all turned to rain now. Soaking, drenching, heavy rain. I guess this part of Oregon will stay green anyway:)

      Hopefully, you will get a surge of energy! That’s always a bonus. Then, you can do projects. But I know what you mean. It’s an effort to get it out, find it all, organize it, then work on it. It’s more fun for me once all that is done and I can just work on it!

  2. I’ve done pretty good in terms of finishing projects this winter. The cold, snowy weather discourages me from going outside and I would rather sit by the fire.

    I am looking forwards to seeing pictures of your quilt.

    1. I will put up the pictures as soon as I finish. Boy, have I been fighting with it, trying to get it smooth while I machine quilted it. I did my best, and it looks ok, so I’m happy. But, it’s not perfect:). So, I’m sure I’ll improve with practice.

      It’s great you’ve finished projects. I’m pretty good at starting them, and struggle with finishing sometimes!

  3. My two main projects last week were finishing getting my taxes ready, and a new method of pruning I’m trying, called chop and drop. I have a bed cover I’m turning into a quilt. I’ve sewed a sheet to the back and pinned it. Now I will hand tie it. Today I plan to wrap lots of soap!

    1. I’ve never heard of chop and drop. I will go over to your blog, and hopefully read all about it.

      I have tied a quilt before, and it was easier to get smooth than this one. I’m out of practice with any quilting, but I was wrestling with this one quite a bit yesterday to keep it smooth while I quilted it with the machine. I will be searching for easier ideas for the future!

  4. The snow is beautiful to look at! We don’t get very much either. So when it does happen we truly enjoy looking at it. I can’t wait to see your quilt. I was supposed to teach myself how to quilt last year but it didn’t happen. We wound up putting our house up for sale and moving instead! Maybe this will be the year!

    1. I understand how things get put on hold for a move. I’m just now getting myself put back together from our move, and it’s been way over 2 years now!

      Years ago, when I wanted to start quilting, I went to a class. Now days, I’ll bet U-Tube has classes and I know PBS has some shows about quilting. I still think a class might be good because there would be someone there who knows how to do things and could help. One class I took was where I went there, they gave us all some fabric and took us step-by-step through the pattern and told us to go home and finish that one and make another one from fabric we chose. That class was very informative and helpful. Another class I signed up for in a different place had us come, handed us a packet, and said to go home, see you in a month. We didn’t even sew anything there. The first class worked better for me, as I needed to learn how to do it!

  5. I worked on my mending pile today. I must get the mountain of repairs done before I have room to work on anything else. Since I have lost a few pounds, I needed to take up all of my bras. Why is it I always lose in my bosom but never seem to lose in my rear end? Sigh.

    Why is Rob outside in the snow in shorts and sandals? Doesn’t he know there is snow on the ground and he can catch a cold? My goodness!


    1. Yes. Why? Why? Why? The never-ending question. Rob wears shorts year-round. When it’s hot. When it’s cold. When it’s freezing. When it rains. Today, when we were having a torrential downpour and high winds were driving the rain sideways. Shorts. All day, every day! At least today, he decided to find his shoes and wear them instead of his usual flip flops. After all, it was raining, he said. I said, “how about some pants, as your legs were absolutely freezing cold when I accidentally touched them!” Nah….Shorts! And, that was that:).

      Good job for mending. I refused to do anything but work on that baby quilt this weekend. And last night. And early this morning. Thankfully, Rob washed the laundry, folded the baskets and baskets of clean laundry, washed most of the dishes, and got Patsy her dinner. He took her to school and picked her up, and went to JoAnn’s for me to get light blue thread. (I know, I’m spoiled!) I ended up working late this evening, after doing homeschool with Alissa, so didn’t get to work on the quilt this evening, but there’s always tomorrow.

      Any guy who does all that can wear shorts in the winter if it keeps him happy! Trust me, I like him happy:) At least he will wear a jacket most days now, since he claims he gets cold occasionally since he’s lost so much weight. He never used to wear one of those, either. Baby steps, I guess!

      Congratulations on your weight loss, as well.

      1. Ok. Ok. I forgive Rob for realizing what is comfortable, sticking to his guns and not bending to my high fashion snobbery. I speak tongue in cheek as I sit here in my ratty, stained, worn out sweats.

  6. It sounds to me like Rob knows your love language — especially when he goes to the fabric store. Way to go!
    Lots of snow here, forus. I know some people will be falling off their chairs laughing but we had about 4 inches Sunday and about that last night. More coming down as I type. And, unlike our ‘usual’ snowfall, this is supposed to be around for awhile. Took the dog out for a quickie at 5am. Our again at 630 and someone had shoveled my sidewalk. That’s one of the great things about living in an apartment — although most of the time my sidewalk to my front door gets missed. Just because of the layout, lots of people miss it. But today someone got it done, yippee. So after walking the pooch, I put down snow melt. Shoveling is challenging for me but I can scatter the snow melt. Lots of the maintenance is done by residents to keep the costs down – and snowshoveling is one of the tasks.
    Stayed home yesterday and worked on my genealogy, my new project. Looking forward to seeing your quilt, maybe I’ll get inspired! I made a couple of quilts during college, but oh my, that was a long time ago! Cheers.

    1. I loved the snow we got. I’m glad you got some to enjoy, too.

      I am gaining on the quilt. I’ve made the binding and sewed it on one side. Now, I just need to tack it down by hand. I just got busy last night with my niece, and ended up working late with her, so didn’t work on it last night. Maybe tonight I’ll finish:)

  7. It was 80 degrees last week and then in the upper 50’s. Lots of rain here. My sewer lines have backed up. …gross

    1. I’m SO sorry! That’s yucky:(

      Your weather is a see-saw, too. I’ll bet you never quite know what to wear each day. Thank goodness for sweaters:)

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