What Did We Eat? February 23, 2019

At the beginning of the week, we ate leftovers from things we had cooked last weekend. The fridge was starting to look pretty bare of anything that could be grabbed in a hurry, so I cooked a big roast with carrots and potatoes. I put the last of a jar of horseradish sauce, mixed with some powdered onion soup mix on top. It came out wonderful. I went ahead and froze one small container of sliced beef for later, since it was a large roast.

I made some chili-mac with beans I had cooked last weekend, and froze the rest.

We made taco bar for the college age kids at church. I made a big crock pot of refried beans, and some really, really good Pumpkin Spice Bars.

I still have several cans of that pumpkin Rob got for 10c/can over a year ago. I wanted to find a use for one of them, and I know I’ll make the recipe again.

We had lots of salads, a sandwich or two, bagels and cinnamon sugar toast for the kids.

I made soup on the day my mom came over with a jar of the beef stew mixture we canned last fall, a pint of green beans and a pint of tomato juice. I added some water and spiced and it turned out great. She brought some muffins.

I made lemon-poppyseed muffins to put in the freezer for people to pop out for quick breakfasts.

8 thoughts on “What Did We Eat? February 23, 2019”

  1. I braved the snow yesterday to go to the grocery store for this week’s deals- pork sirloin ‘steaks’ and hamburger. I cooked the pork yesterday in the instant pot with just diced tomatoes and salt and pepper. I soaked pinto beans overnight. They’re now in the instant pot with the broth from the pork. I’ll freeze the cooked pork in meal sized containers and keep out a few servings.
    Love this post. It always makes me think of new things to cook. Those pumpkin bars look great. But I’ve got enough baked goods in the freezer. A few weeks ago the nonprofit grocery store had a dozen Costco muffins for $1.50. And they weren’t even expired yet. I jumped on those and froze them in ‘halves’, more then enough for me.
    Thanks for doing it!

    1. SJ,
      I’m glad you enjoy the meal posts. It sounds like you found some great things to cook this week. I’m glad you got the Costco muffins for such a great price. That recipe made such a lot of pumpkin bars. I encouraged my mom to make a 1/2 batch if she was going to make them. Even with the college kids eating all they wanted, there were leftovers. We ate some, and I froze some. To be fair, I have noticed this group of young people are not super big dessert eaters, and there were 24 cookies left over from the high school retreat we put out as well. I’m never quite sure how much to cook for that crew, as both the number of kids that come change a bit from time to time, and their appetites changes as well. Still, they are always so nice, polite, and super thankful that it’s heart-warming. I’d rather cook too much than not have enough.

  2. Becky, I’d like to make a suggestion on what to do with some of your canned pumpkin. You could make three sister’s soup with it! The soup consists of corn, beans and squash. You can use any kind of beans and squash you have on hand, so the canned pumpkin would be perfect for it. Use whatever soup stock you have (homemade or boullion based poultry, veggie, beef or ham), and season as you’d like. There are tons of recipes on line if you need inspiration for how to season it. The soup is a very well balanced, plant based meal that would be a great option for your hubby’s weight loss regime.

    1. Thank you for the suggestion! I do have quite a bit of frozen squash I’ve unearthed in the freezers, as well as the cans, so I need to find good things to do with it all!

    1. When we get our 1/4 beef each fall, we get a few roasts. I hoard them, and we have it once in a while. I grew up on roast beef, so still really like it if it’s tender and not fatty:). I hope you can find a good one!

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