Thriving in my Thrifty Week–February 17, 2019

We have Jake and Michaela all weekend, until Monday night. Their parents are helping at a high school church retreat, which our daughter is attending. I’m sure they are having a good time, and I know we are! Jake brought the Frustration game in from the camper. After roping various ones into playing with him, he then set up his Lego Star Wars guys and played with them for quite a while. He was so cute, counting off their moves and popping the dice popper for each of them.

I had a friend and her daughter stay in the “guesthouse” Saturday night. We save a lot of money by using our camper as a guesthouse. Our out-of-town friends don’t have to pay for hotels, and we get to have them close so we can visit for every possible moment! It was very fun to swap “I remember” stories with her daughter. We have a lot of great memories from when this now-adult young lady was little…lots of fun to reminisce. The kids roped them into playing Yahtzee, we had dinner, and all too soon, they had to head back home very early Sunday morning. This has been my lucky month–this is the 2nd friend I’ve gotten to spend time with that I seldom get to see!

We’ve been reading library books, and books we own. I returned the one that I could not renew only 1 day late, so I will only have to pay for 1 day of being late. I was able to renew the rest in time and did not have to pay.

We watched U-Tube videos of Steve Green’s “Hide Them In My Heart” movies. Jake was trying to remember a verse put to music, and we found several there for free. He sang in church twice yesterday, with the kids’ choir he recently joined, so we were there bright and early. Rob took him back to practice last night. We have been taking turns with his other family members so he can go and hopefully have a good experience. He was very uncertain about going, but seems to be enjoying it now that he is getting used to it.

I finished the baby quilt I started and completed 2 of the 6″ blocks I got for free from the quilt shop hop.

I cooked quite a bit, and devoted one free morning to putting a few things into the freezer for quick meals.

I made Valentine’s treats for the kids that were cute, but inexpensive.

This week was an ordinary week, full of ordinary days. Sometimes those are the best kind. How about yours?

12 thoughts on “Thriving in my Thrifty Week–February 17, 2019”

  1. I love, love, love the baby quilt. Very nice choice of colors. The lucky baby is going to have a beautiful keepsake made from your heart. I cannot think of a better gift!

    1. I really like it, too. And, no matter how hard I tried to use the bits of fabric up, there is still some left. The good news is that we know of another couple who is not connected to the first couple at all, so I may make another one with the same fabrics, as they will never see each other’s quilt. We’ll see what I get done!

  2. Seeing old friends is priceless. I wonder how many hundreds of games I played on our popper board with our kids. Such a great game! I am glad Jake is enjoying choir. I think singing is so good for kids.

    1. My friends were such good sports. Jake talked them into playing a game with him, as well:). I think the singing is very good for him, too. That’s one reason we are making it into a family project to get him to go and get used to things. I’ll bet in the future, he will be going by himself, but for now, until he gets used to it, someone goes with him every time.

  3. Oh, I remember playing that game for hours when the boys were young!

    My weekend was successful. We spent it shopping for a recliner chair for Bill to help relieve the pain in his hip. He sat in many chairs at different stores. It was exhausting but something necessary we needed to do since everyone had a President’s Day sale in progress. It will take about six weeks before it can be delivered because I chose a fabric they did not have in stock. I wanted the darkest one so it would show the least amount of dirt. It seems everyone else wanted it also.

    Today I took poor little Scooter to the vet to get his teeth cleaned. No money savings there but as long as he is slipped treats under the kitchen table when my back is turned, his teeth must be cleaned.


    1. I hope the chair helps Bill. We have wondered if a recliner would help Rob’s pain, but frankly, there is absolutely no where to put one in our living room unless I get rid of my piano, and that is not something we want to do, so we haven’t pursued that option. Is your husband’s hip getting any better?

      Dental care, for dog or man, is always a good idea. I’m sure Scooter wasn’t thrilled, but who is when they take a trip to the dentist?

      1. We have an old, beat up recliner chair in the basement and when he sits in it, he can get some relief. I think it was rescued from a dumpster or something. It is in horrible shape but was fine for the boys to use. We needed one that was in better shape to bring in the living room. I will be glad when it arrives.

        Yes, Bill’s hip is improving. He had another x-ray and the cartilage is slowly regrowing. The doctor showed us the before and after pictures, explained what we were looking at, and then we could see the difference. He is to return in two months to get another x-ray. His hip is a bit better, but so far it’s still giving him trouble. He has used up all of the chiropractic visits our insurance will cover so that will end. He is still in pain and can’t do much moving, he is better than when we first started (at least he is out of the wheelchair and not using a cane), but he still doesn’t have a good quality of life. We haven’t discussed any other steps because we don’t know if there is anything else that can be done.

        1. I’m so glad there is some improvement, even a little! That’s encouraging. I hope it continues to slowly regrow. It’s great he’s out of the wheelchair. Rob has had to start using a cane, but it seems to be helping him get around a little better. Thankfully, our niece, Michaela, is not fast, or he would be left in the dust when he takes her places! Today, he drove us all (Patsy, myself and Jake) around on a nice, long drive and enjoyed getting out so much after all the wintery weather and being grounded for a few days due to his medical test on Wednesday. We still can’t believe we woke up to snow that day! Crazy for our part of Oregon. But, there was no way he was going to put it off–he just wanted it over with. (His results were great, so another hurdle passed on his way towards surgery. He still has weight to lose first, as well)

  4. The game that Jake is playing looks like a game we used to play called Trouble. My youngest loved it. Jake looks like he is having a great time. The camper is like a mini guest house.

    1. I still call that came Trouble, as well. He loves it. The kids ended up over here for a while tonight, and they just finished a rousing game of it with Uncle. I’m glad we brought it in from that camper–it’s like a whole new game to them!

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