What Did We Eat? March 16, 2019

This was a very busy work week. On several occasions, we just ate over at my sister’s house, since we were all there so much. 2 of those nights, we ate leftovers from a meeting they attended Sunday, so that was easy! My aunt dropped in to check on Jake one night and stayed and ate with us, so that was a nice addition:). She brought him some of his favorite cookies and he ate exactly 1 before falling asleep…

On Wednesday morning, I had a few hours. I made 3 kinds of soup–split pea, chicken-rice, and vegetable-chicken. I used the broth and bits from the Costco chicken to make the 2 chicken kinds, so they have very little meat in them, but still taste really good. The split pea is vegetarian. I hauled some of the chicken-rice soup over to Jake, who ate it for dinner the next 2 nights. His mouth is healing, but slowly. The second set of antibiotics helped him heal more, but he had a very rough time of it for a few days.

On Wednesday morning, I cooked up an Instant Pot of brown rice. Part of it was combined with frozen turkey bits, broccoli from last year’s garden, cheese, and a sauce made from milk, sweet rice flour to slightly thicken it, dried onion, a can of mushrooms, salt and pepper. It was really, really good. I took some of it over to my sister’s for Thursday night’s dinner. My aunt brought over some salad fixings she wasn’t going to be able to use up before they went bad, and we made salad to go with the casserole.

The rest of the brown rice was combined with previously cooked and frozen pinto beans (thawed out of course), cheese (including some Cojita cheese I got for my Friday Freebie a couple of weeks ago), salsa and a little enchilada sauce, both home-canned last summer. I wrapped this filling in tortillas, then foil, then labeled and froze for quick dinners for Patsy when Rob is home with her and I’m at work. She loves them and ate most of the ones I made a few weeks ago.

Our daughter, Lovana, plans to come visit later in the month, and she is a vegetarian. I froze some of the burritos and some of the split pea soup to have on hand while she’s here. Since she lives in Hawaii now, she’s sure she going to freeze to death here, but I assured her she can wrap up in how ever many of her Dad’s old coats she wants to:)

I made a turkey enchilada from the turkey bits in the freezer. With the 2 casseroles I made this week, I was able to finish that fairly large bag of turkey bits up before they lingered too long in the freezer.

The past 2 weeks haven’t been the easiest, but with everyone pulling together, we’ve all been able to eat tasty, healthy, economical meals. This week will have a much lighter schedule. Whew!!!

8 thoughts on “What Did We Eat? March 16, 2019”

  1. You have had a very busy time. Hopefully you have been taking of yourself properly. With everything that you do, it makes me tired just reading about it!

    You, Rob and the rest of the family must be excited to have Lovana home for awhile. How does she like Hawaii?

    1. Debora,
      I’m whupped. I’m not ashamed to admit it:). Yesterday was the first day that I did not have anything on my schedule for quite a while. I did absolutely nothing. Nothing. Just read, watched tv, fell asleep for a few minutes, nothing until 2 o’clock. Then, Rob and I just got Patsy from school, took her for a hair cut, went to Safeway, rented Redbox movies, and sat in front of them. What a blissful day.

      I’m sad to say that I’ve missed exercise class for over 2 weeks but finally got down there on Thursday.

      Lovana likes Hawaii so far. I’m sure she will tell us more when she gets home. She’s working so much over there that maybe she will just fall asleep:). Time will tell.

  2. I’m glad Jake is healing, and doing better. It sounds like you did well with meals last week, despite being so busy. I look forward to hearing how Lovana is doing.

    1. I can’t wait to see Lovana, either. We talk now and then using a phone app, so I know she’s looking good, but can’t wait to see for myself.

  3. What a week! I’m so sorry Jake is going through that. My dd had four teeth removed one time and she was miserable too. We all got tired of soft foods. Hope your next week is better.

    1. He’s just feeling better and better. I guess he just keeps asking to go swimming, so that’s a good sign. (I won’t see him today at all, so that’s all up to them this time)

  4. Lovana is coming home!!! I don’t think there is anything more exciting than feeding a hungry child…unless it is seeing one improve from having 7 teeth pulled. Your week has been good.

    1. I have been busy making vegetarian food for her and freezing it so there will be choices for her when she gets here. Today, I tried lentil tacos, which I thought I’d dislike, but I didn’t! Rob and Patsy liked them, too! They are so good that we all ate lots of them for dinner, and had lots of the filling to freeze for when Lovana gets here!

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