Thriving In My Thrifty Week—March 24, 2019

This week, one of Patsy’s new daffodils bloomed! This past fall, she planted a few special ones amongst the yellow ones she planted the first fall we moved in here. We didn’t buy many, and they were from Winco, so I was hoping we would get a nice one or two. We were not disappointed. I notice there is another one like it about to bloom, too! Hopefully, they will multiply in time as well as the yellow ones do.

We finally got some seeds planted, and just today a few broccoli plants have popped up.

We camped for 3 nights at the beach, using the park pass. We enjoyed some exceptionally nice weather, for the Oregon coast. Patsy and I took 2 nice walks and she collected rocks. Our second walk was abruptly terminated when a sneaker wave filled my rubber boots. Then, we got a lot of cheap entertainment trying to dry out the boots:). And me! Rob made a contraption from duct tape and boards and we propped them up on that until the duct tape gave out and they collapsed. Then, he rigged up a paper plate between the 2 boots, put that over the heater in the camper, and conducted the air into each boot that way. We didn’t want to set rubber boots right on top of a heater vent. We wanted the heat to go inside. By last night, they were about dry.

We enjoyed our camp spot. We got near enough to the ocean that we could see it from the door of our camper when it was not blocked by another camper–so part of the time. It was a short walk to the beach from our site and was easy to see–I walked a few steps and soaked in the beauty a few times. Rob made a big fire, and he and Patsy sat by it a lot. They played cards. Rob roasted things over the fire. I had pre-cooked some things, cooked a lot of veggies and made salads in the camper.

I have a quilt that I started 15-20 years ago. Yes. Really. That long. It has lived in the camper for a few years now because sometimes that was the only time in an entire year I could find the time to quilt. This trip, I really made some progress on it while Patsy watched some DVD’s. We’ve been taking Mr. Jake camping the past few times, and there’s no quilting to be done when that boy is there! After all, how could I quilt with the table covered with Legos? :). This time, he’s on vacation with his family. He will get a turn later in the summer.

I finally have hope that this quilt may someday get finished. It took me quite a while to even figure out what needed to be done and find the parts and pieces, but once I did, the project started moving along. Everything still seems to be there so far!

I worked on my current quilt at home quite a bit this week as well, before we went camping. I have only 1 more 6″ square to complete of the 20 needed for the main body. Then, there is quite a bit more to do to make it larger–there are going to be 2 special rows down below, plus borders all around, but I’m really gaining on it.

We drove back this morning so Patsy could go on her Spring Break Service Project with the youth group. It’s just a couple of days long, but we didn’t want her to have to miss it.

Patsy has an interest in rocks, shells, and fossils. We found this interesting fossil-filled rock on one of our walks. She also collected 2 small rocks with fossils in them. We will hopefully see many more when we go back down to the beach. Last year, Rob and one of his best friends took her on a rock-hunting expedition. Maybe this will turn into a nice hobby for her–time will tell.

How did your week go?

12 thoughts on “Thriving In My Thrifty Week—March 24, 2019”

  1. Camping sounds so nice after this long cold winter. Your quilt is beautiful. I must get some seeds going, too. I have no idea what we did last week but spend $100 on groceries in multiple stops for the sales.

    1. Some weeks are like that! All I can say is that you can’t eat from the cupboards forever unless you fill them up now and then?. I’m glad you found sales. At the coast it alternates from sun to rain and back again so we were delighted to have those sunny days. Good luck with your seeds. Some of the flowers I planted were from such old seeds I don’t know if they wil sprout—I’m eager to find out!

  2. Love the quilt! Teal/Turquoise is one of my favorite colors. I have a hooked rug I’ve been working on 15+ years, so I understand. I finished the hooking part a week or two ago, but need to clip off all the long ends, and figure out how to turn it into a pillow. That really is an especially pretty daffodil.

  3. Patsy’s daffodil is gorgeous! I love the colors.

    After your weeks upon weeks of being extraordinarily busy, it’s nice that you got to take a small vacation with your family and do something relaxing for you. Sometimes a person just needs a break, no matter how small, before life gets busy again.

    It was nice to hear that Rob is again losing weight after the three or four weeks of not losing or not gaining. Maybe his body needed to adjust to his weight loss. I hope the last amount of weight that he has to lose comes off quickly.

  4. I think the quilt is BEAUTIFUL! The colors blend together perfectly. Sitting and quilting is such a blessing.

    I was able to attend a quilt show which had some that were made before the Civil War. The old quilts with all the handwork are the best. They even had a sewing machine exactly like the one I learned to sew on as a teenager. Seeing it behind glass like an ancient artifact made me feel old.

    I have also begun some seeds for the garden. Only a few have come up so far. I am doing it in my laundry room this year instead of outside on the front porch. It’s making a big mess but so what. It’s more comfortable inside and I know how to sweep up spilled dirt. I can’t get any work done because I constantly walk by and look to see if anything else has sprouted.


    1. I am really enjoying getting to quilt again after so many years of not having time. I’m hoping to not only get this new one done, but to also finish some old projects. I’ll see how much I can do before gardening season!

  5. The flowers are so pretty. That is great that the 3 of you got to go camping. Your seeds are doing better then mine. I still have a bunch to plant.

    1. Thanks! We just got back from round 2 of camping, and it’s time to get down to business at home again:). We came back to the valley and picked up Lovana, who is visiting from Hawaii, and had a really good time with her camping. It’s been one of those crazy, unusual, but fun weeks! Thankfully, we were in and out here at home enough that we watered our plants enough that they are just fine. I still have quite a few that are not up, though. Hopefully, they will come up soon.

  6. Patsy’s daffodil is lovely! I’ve not see one like that, before! I hope it grows and naturalizes. Your quilt is lovely, too! I have one that is almost as old as that, if not older, that I am still working on! LOL!

    1. Thank you, Bless. I love that daffodil, too! It came in a mixture, and we didn’t buy very many, but I counted 3 of that kind that bloomed. So lovely!

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