Thriving In My Thrifty Week–April 7, 2019

I had one morning with nice weather. I was able to work outside. Rob had collected quite a few bags of used coffee grounds over the winter from coffee shops. I weeded out most of my existing strawberry bed and added many of them to top-dress the berry bushes. Any little plants that were growing in the grass were transplanted into the bed. I still have a little ways to go, but need to wait for another nice day.

I worked some more on the raised bed project. I put a lot of coffee grounds in the first one, and then covered with some topsoil. I will plant my new strawberry starts in there when I can. This project is taking shape now, but still needs more work.

Our 1/2 pork was ready. We paid cut and wrap. Our friends gifted us the meat. It’s so nice to have it. What a blessing!

I got these 2 things free at Safeway this week. One was from the Monopoly game, and the other from my phone app.

I had a nice visit with my friend, Harnet. Her daughter was invited to a birthday party, so one of the things we did was take her to it. We got to visit and she enjoyed her time with the kids. Win-win!!!

It was a great activity for a rainy day!

We also went to a family birthday party at my daughter’s house.

I went to the library and was able to order in some books I needed for Alissa’s homeschool.

How did your week go?

8 thoughts on “Thriving In My Thrifty Week–April 7, 2019”

  1. That freezer looks Happy!!!!! So sweet of your friends to gift it to you! Seems like you had another beautiful week! Pretty soon you’ll have those garden beds busting at the seems with food!

    1. I can’t wait until I can get out there in the garden! The trick is getting it dry enough to work in on a day that I’m not at work. But, it will happen. It’s raining so much right now so my windows of opportunity are very small. I’m hoping to find time to at least mow the lawn again soon. All weekend, it rained, and the green, green grass grew and grew…..

  2. Coffee grounds on strawberry plants, that was a new one to me. I researched it and you are right, they love it. While weeding this past weekend, I discovered a few more of my strawberry plants that had survived being covered by the monster watermelon last summer. I will give them some a cup of coffee this afternoon (no cream and sugar though).


    1. My only fear is that I “burned” them with all that coffee!!! I buried the grounds under a layer of topsoil in the raised bed, and then will plant the berries so their roots hit the coffee grounds later, when it’s had some time to decompose some more. The top-dressing? Kind of an experiment! Those berries didn’t do well last summer. At all. So, I’m trying some things to make them better. If not, no great loss:)

  3. We had a crazy busy few days. Combined a trip to visit my oldest daughter and go to the college youngest daughter accepted. We crashed at OD apartment to avoid hotel coats. Got to finally meet her puppy that she got 2 months ago.

      1. Not on the floor. She has an extra bed. YD slept on the couch and Hubby and I squished into the full. I can’t sleep on the floor anymore. We have an air mattress so we would have brought that over sleeping on the floor. I am not 20 any more.

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