Thriving In My thrifty Week-December 8, 2019

Patsy and I did some Christmas decorating using items we had on hand.

We kept it simple and minimal, but got to put out some favorite items. I didn’t have to purchase a single thing.

We put up the small tree my friend, Harnet, gave me a couple of years ago. It looks festive, without overpowering my small area. I did a little Christmas baking and froze the results. Rob did some shopping, using the list we carefully made. We are not entirely ready, but a lot closer to the goal than we were a week ago.

The Christmas program monopolized our week. We took both Jake and Patsy to rehearsals multiple times. There were 3 regular performances, plus a special performance for those with special needs, and a dress rehearsal. I watched several times and it got better each time. It was wonderful with children singing, angels, shepherds and their sheep, an adorable donkey, and a focus on the true meaning of Christmas. I was glad Patsy and Jake could both participate this year.

I made a vegetable soup with last summer’s vegetables. We used up the last of the leftovers from Thanksgiving and cooked a few other things.

8 thoughts on “Thriving In My thrifty Week-December 8, 2019”

  1. This simple Nativity set is beautiful, Becky! And I like the “snow globe “ one as well! I am trying to use up food too; tonight is turkey soup from the Thanksgiving turkey. I need to dig through the freezer too. My 19 year old is coming home in a couple of days for Christmas break. We’re so excited , especially him, and it will mean lots more food to cook!

  2. We have the same nativity! I love the children’s programs at church. Our church does not do them and it is a part of Christmas that I miss. I have been trying to use up things in my pantry that are out of date so this week I made a red velvet cake mix and frosted it with chocolate frosting I had in the freezer. In my mind red velvet was red chocolate cake but it seems not now that it is made. We are eating it but every time we eat some we say that it is weird. 🙂 Live and learn.

    1. That’s funny! It’s a constant battle to use it up, isn’t it? I find I am having a hard time adjusting to our smaller-sized family. Thankfully, we have lots of company:). I would never use up my big pots of food otherwise.

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