Thriving In My Thrifty Week–February 10, 2020

We were very busy last week. The week included several trips to Portland, to visit a family member who had a major operation. I am very happy to say that she is doing very well after her surgery. We stayed as frugal as we could throughout the process.

As I mentioned last week, Rob had cooked several kinds of meat, I had made soups, and he made a breakfast casserole. We ate those all week. I was able to take a small cooler packed with food to the hospital 2 of the times I was up there, and several meals were eaten from it. It is amazing how much you can cram into one of those little lunch-sized coolers! So, those who were waiting or visiting dipped in there as well, and my family member’s husband, who stayed up there the entire time, just kept the rest of the food and ate it for his dinner both times. Several other people brought him food as well, and he filled in the rest at the cafeteria.

The patient is resting at home now, I’m happy to say. The food is pouring in over there already, so that’s nice:)

We were invited to a baby shower for Rob’s niece. We didn’t have much notice, but really wanted to go, since we don’t get to spend as much time with his side of the family as we wish we did. Some years ago, Rob had stumbled upon a wonderful clearance sale of baby items for very low prices. As you can see, all these socks were only $1. I think the highest priced things were $3. I was at the hospital, so he and Patsy chose several items from my “baby stash” that would be good for a baby boy and went down to the store and bought some diapers, wipes, a rattle…stuff like that and got it all into a gift bag. It was not expensive, but turned out very nice, with the combo of what I had plus a few extra things.

Then, we all 3 went to the shower Saturday afternoon, and had a great time.

I took Patsy to a zipper application workshop for 4H. It was held a distance away from our house, but other than the cost of gas, it was free. We were able to bring the required supplies from our stash, and they supplied the rest from fabric and zippers that had been donated for that purpose. I’m so glad she’s showing an interest in sewing this year, and want to encourage her in learning this useful skill.

By Sunday afternoon, I was feeling very behind at home, and was in dire need of exercise and fresh air. So, I went out late afternoon and trimmed out the old raspberry canes and tied up the good ones. Doing that job was just the perk I needed to finish my week feeling like I got something done at home. These are the raspberry canes I have dragged with me from house to house–the same ones as we always had at my childhood home–yummy! (starts from those bushes, to be specific!) I really loved having a plentiful supply last summer, the first year they really produced much of anything. They are so much better than the ones that were here when I moved in, so I’m going to baby them along.

You can see that I’ve also been collecting cardboard boxes and have laid them down in front of the berries. There is an especially stubborn patch of grass that I simply could not get rid of last summer. So, I’ve decided to smother it out with the cardboard. We will see how it works, but it can’t hurt!

Last, but not least, one of my favorite things yesterday was holding baby Allie. She’s growing so much, so when I ran into her parents and her at Patsy’s mission trip meeting, I grabbed my opportunity to hold her and get an updated picture. There’s nothing like holding a baby at the end of a busy week…..just saying…

12 thoughts on “Thriving In My Thrifty Week–February 10, 2020”

  1. It sounds like a very good week, despite the hospital visits. That is so wonderful that you have raspberries propagated from your childhood ones. That’s pretty special! Cardboard has worked well for us, as long as we got things covered well. Hope it works well for you.

    1. It’s good to know that the cardboard worked for you. Mine keeps slipping off one certain patch of the grass–so aggravating! But, I piled several more pieces on that place on Sunday, and here’s hoping…

      1. Becky, could you purchase some cheap tent stakes to tack the cardboard down until the grass is dead? 1 in each piece would hold it in place or duck tape a big square together then tack the corners?
        We are in the midst of a kitchen remodel so I have been cooking in a space in the living room. We have spent very little money eating out. Thank goodness for the long folding table I have and a small electric burner we purchased. I always thought I would love to homestead but this has me thinking a bit differently since I am not so young now LOL. I am so excited about garden season. Our daylight hours are getting longer so spring is coming but not until after the big snow and ice storm hits starting this evening.
        A fugal purchase was 2 pairs of heavy winter gloves for hubby and I. I have been waiting for a good clearance to stock up on them. Kohl’s 50% off, 30% off coupon and purchasing other needed items on sale to get Kohls cash makes for an awesome savings!! Have a blessed week. Love your posts. They encourage me!!!

        1. You know, as I’ve been reading Little House books to my nephew lately, I’ve been seeing the whole “living on the homestead” thing a little differently than I ever have before, as well! I’m just not as young as I once was:). So, I hear you! I still love a lot of the ideas of it, but since we are on “The Long Winter” right now, I’m just shivering to think of all the cold they endured, without running water, indoor plumbing, and sufficient heat. Boy, were they tough!

          I like the idea of tent stakes. I’m going to see if my latest infusion of cardboard does the trick, then I may be shopping for stakes if it doesn’t!

  2. That white zinnia (I think) is so beautiful! As usual, I get many ideas from you; I just commented to my daughter Lizzie that we should check the shelves at WalMart every week for sale baby clothes.. And those raspberry canes look promising; hopefully many fruit crisps this summer and fall 🙂 And I agree about the baby-holding–I need to volunteer to help in the crib room at church a couple of times a month, since my grandbabies are in NY! Have a blessed week!

    1. The flower is one that was in a bouquet at the baby shower. Patsy took the picture–she loves taking pictures of flowers:). I think it’s some kind of a daisy that was dyed slightly blue–not exactly sure, either! But, I remember some of the flowers in the bouquets had a little more blue on them than others.

      I’m excited about the raspberries, too.

  3. You have always been a busy gal but it seems that you are busier now than ever before! In reading your posts, my first thought is “Does she EVER sleep?” which is followed by a feeling of “Next to Becky, I feel really lazy.”. I just need to keep reminding myself that much of what you do is done out of love for those around you and that your life will slow down like mine has.

    Baby Ally really has grown. She is such a cutie!

    Glad to read that Rob is a step closer to his hip replacement. He has been in my prayers.

    1. Well, thank you. I am actually not a really good sleeper, I confess. But, I also take some time each evening to just sit down and read, or watch tv, or do some embroidery. I get too tired otherwise! And, even though Rob feels really bad right now, he helps me in so many ways. He does what he can do. Since he struggles to be mobile right now, one thing he does is drive Patsy around. And Jake. And Michaela:). That frees me up to do some of the more physical tasks that need to be done. Also, he does Patsy’s therapy each week, many trips to pharmacies, stops at the store for milk, drops off library books, etc., and may other errands–so helpful. We make a great team.

  4. Becky, your raspberry patch looks lovely! I hope to have one some day. I bought raspberries from a nearby organic farm last year and they tasted amazing, very different than any I’ve ever bought at the store!

    We had a lovely and quiet week here but it was thrifty also!
    *I enjoyed getting to select the first round of books from other libraries in our state through our local tiny library. That will be so fun and a bit money saving since I will be able to give up the annual paid membership at the larger library.
    *My husband turned a free pallet into a compost bin so I can start building compost for our raised beds.
    *I’ve been doing some of the usual things like trying to stick to the budget to get money into savings, using pet food and packaging bags in place of trashbags, wasting as little as possible both in food and just in general daily living, and staying home a lot.
    *More on my blog!

    1. Got to love pallets! My husband has used them in his projects before, as well, and would make more things if he was getting around a little better. He’s got lots of ideas:)

      These raspberries happen to be the June bearing kind, which means they give one large crop during the first part of the summer, than stop. It does go on for a few weeks, though. The kind that were here when we moved in are ever-bearing, which means they give a larger crop in the early part of summer, and fall, and may give a small amount all along. For whatever reason, the ones from my childhood are much larger berries, as long as they are well-watered, and taste much sweeter. I also like getting a big enough amount to make jam or preserve in another way. I have actually canned them, as my mother did, although the quality is not as good as it is in other canned fruits. We grew up eating them that way, though, but don’t do that much anymore. Now, I tend to freeze them more often. Mostly, we just eat them fresh! They are so nice to have, however we eat them.

  5. I’m glad Patsy’s interest in sewing is picking up. I loved to sew when I was a teenager after learning in a Home Ec class. I didn’t realize at the time that it would become a life long interest not to mention how helpful it is.

    1. Today, my mom came over and helped Patsy hem up a pair of black jeans. It took them about 1/2 hour to measure, cut and hem them. Rob had gotten the jeans for $1 at a thrift store, and they look brand new. Now, they fit. I assume between $20 and $50 has been saved with that 1/2 hour of work. I’m so glad she’s more interested in this skill. I agree with you about how useful it is!

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