Thriving In My Thrifty Week–October 25, 2020

Rob spent 3 days this past week sawing wood in the forest.

Some of the logs were quite big, so he needed to split them with a splitting maul after he cut them into stove-length pieces.

He loaded the back of the van as full as he could each time and I helped him haul it to the woodshed at the back of our place and we stacked it. Overall, he figures he got more than 1/3 cord each time, bringing our new woodpile to over a cord so far. We stacked this along a fence in the back and he covered it with tarps. What is inside the woodshed, and already dry, will be for now, and this will be for later. He likes to be at least a year ahead on his wood supply, and this is the first year for a long time that he can work on meeting his goal.

Patsy went a couple of times and even learned how hard it is to split wood with a splitting maul. She got a few pieces split, but happily left most of that to her dad:)

Frost was predicted. I picked the entire row of lettuce, washed it, and served many salads this week. I still have some “Arctic Blend” winter lettuce planted. I’ve never grown it before, and I’m very interested to see how it holds up as the weather turns colder. I picked the first of the fall cabbage and we ate half of it already. There are several more out there. I also got a few more cherry tomatoes and a few more zucchini and tromboncini zucchini. Then, I picked the green cherry tomatoes and laid them in a 9 x 13 pan in the garage to see if they would ripen.

I bought groceries this week and sent Rob to Costco for vitamins while they were still on sale. This week, I focused on a few items for recipes I found in magazines that sounded good. These recipes use things I have on hand, minus one or two small items, which I bought. I also got sale items that worked into my menu. My favorite item was a bag of mandarin oranges for only $1.49 for 3 pounds. They are a real treat around here and that’s an amazing price. We could only have 1 bag, but enjoyed them. They were especially handy as Rob and Patsy packed several lunches. My aunt also found potatoes for a good price and picked 10 pounds up for me.

We also used quite a few home-preserved items. After weeks of filling jars, it’s nice to sit back and just empty some:).

I cooked a salmon filet one night. A while back, we found them, frozen, for $2.50 for 12 ounces, at Grocery Outlet, and got several because it was such a great price. Even with Lovana eating dinner with us that night, there was plenty for us all when lots of veggies were added. It was a delicious change.

I’ve been sorting, cleaning, and organizing small areas when I get a few minutes. I haven’t got very far, but a few areas look better and I found a few old projects that need to be worked on. I’ve been sewing for Patsy whenever I get a half hour or more. Some days I didn’t get any time, but most days I can squeeze out that much at least, and am able to make progress on my latest project….making her several clothing items to get her wardrobe in good shape for fall and winter.

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  1. That’s wonderful Rob is able to add to your wood stores again. We heat with wood, and I know how much work that is. You’re on the other side of the country, but we find the lettuce does great with just a simple plastic covering. It stops growing when it gets bitterly cold, but will grow on warmer days.

    1. I did think of putting a milk jug with the bottom cut out over some of the lettuce in the raised bed, and I’m curious to see if it helps it along. I do that sometimes in the spring.

      Of all the strange things….my garden is so dry because it has hardly rained for quite some time that I actually watered it with watering cans yesterday. Some of the winter veggies were drooping and it wasn’t because they were cold!!!! It rains a lot here in my part of Oregon as a general rule, so it surprised me. They say the winter will be wetter, so I guess I’ll get my fill one the fall rains start.

    1. I do love a wood fire, too. Even the dog has taken to laying in front of the fire since the weather turned cold at night. It feels good down into my bones.

  2. Way to rock the safety equipement Rob!! Nice to see someone fully decked out when they’re cutting wood. I bet he feels great being able to get this chore worked on. Well done.

    And cheers to you for still having so much in production in your garden! I’ve got chard and kale growing but that’s it. I pulled the chili peppers on Friday because our first frost came in that night. No snow as predicted for Saturday so skated past that one. But it’s cold right now. Should warm up by Thursday into the mid50s and rain. As long as there’s no ice on the ground I’m great with this weather.

    And love seeing your sewing projects!

    1. Yes, I like his new wood-cutting gear as well! He really can’t take a chance on hurting himself after all we’ve been through, so I appreciate his wearing it:).

      We finally got several frosts in a row, and it got down into the 20’s last night. I spent a little time today cleaning out some dahlias and other things from the front of the house that got frosted or just needed clearing out. Another yard debris bin full!

      I’m glad you enjoy seeing the projects. I’ve got another much easier top almost done, but today was pretty full of homeschool to finish it.

  3. I love seeing Rob so active! It’s awesome! We need to have our chimney cleaned, and I’d love to get an insert put it. We’re not too far from National forest land, so cutting wood would be a great future goal.
    We had about 6 inches of snow here in CO Sunday, and 15 degrees was the high. But it’s helping douse the fires, which is wonderful.
    I think I’ll can some applesauce from the apples I found on the sale rack at King Soopers( Kroger; that should help warm up the kitchen. Have a great week!

  4. That’s great that you are still able to harvest some items from the garden! You sound very busy! Hope you get some down time during the weekend!

    1. Well…..we have Jake, my nephew, all night on Saturday, until 4pm on Sunday. We should have a very fun time…but maybe not so restful. I think we will eat some candy, play a game, and lock the door and hide if any trick-or-treaters come by:) Sounds very fun:) Rob’s been chopping wood again today (Friday) and I’ve been doing school like crazy with Patsy, and Jake when he’s here. Tomorrow, it’s chores, cleaning, etc. and hopefully some sewing while Rob and Patsy go get another van-load of wood and I always help get it out of the van and stacked once they come home. I like it when I finally get some time to sew, actually, and I love stacking fir wood, knowing I’ll be warm for the next 2 years now! We all have our ideas of fun, I guess.

  5. I loved seeing Rob cutting and splitting firewood. If he can do that, he can do anything! It gives me hope.

    We are back to doing the round of doctors – referral, after referral. They have figured out (I hope) what is wrong with Bill. The stem cells improved his hip but then whatever caused it to deteriorate originally, has destroyed the improvement. He is now worse than before. It looks like he will be getting a hip replacement and it is tentatively scheduled for the day before Thanksgiving. Joshua will be coming home for Thanksgiving so he will be here with Dustin to help Bill.


    1. I’m so happy for Bill. I was quite nervous about the whole surgery before it happened, not exactly knowing what to expect. I was amazed that Rob was sitting up and talking before I even got escorted into his hospital room afterwards, and he was walking around, with a walker, before the day was over. The fact that the pain was so great before the surgery made the actual surgery feel like an improvement to Rob. I am so excited for Bill, and hope that it turns out exactly like that for him. Jeannie, seriously, Rob was walking 2 miles within a couple of weeks or less. And, now, he’s out in the forest, sawing wood with a chainsaw and splitting log after log with a splitting maul, then putting it into the van afterwards. He’s done this about 7-8 times over the last 2-1/2 weeks and is a bit tired and sore at times, but those are unused muscles talking–not his hip! In fact, the physical therapist told him the pains in his hip and legs he feels are normal, and because of the fact that he did not use his leg muscles correctly for so long. (They are not very bad, but he wanted to make sure he wasn’t hurting himself). He had the last appointment of his second round of p.t. today, and is still walking with a small limp, and one leg is much shorter than the other (they fixed that as much as they could during surgery–now he needs a lift–hence another one of the round of referrals)

      I get the whole referral, referral, referral thing. It seems to never end. There are a couple of other issues Rob had put off until after his hip was fixed, and he’s still doing that whole song and dance to get those worked on….at least he can walk to his appointments now:). No matter how large the parking lot is:)

      There’s a lot of hope for Bill. We will pray for him.

      1. I just read your message to Bill and he hopes it will go as well for him. He still has a problem with the sciatic nerve in his spine which we hope the hip replacement will help. I want him better and out of pain so much.
        Thank you for the encouraging words.

        1. We so hope he feels better, too. As someone who has lived for years watching someone they love in such agonizing pain, I understand how much you want him to feel better. It’s just so painful to watch. Like Rob, it may take quite a bit of physical therapy to get him back in shape. Rob just finished his 2nd round, and they want him to try to get another round approved after the first of the year, as the therapist feels there is more that can be done. He’s still SO much better than before, they just want to see him as good as he can be, if you know what I mean.

    1. He went and got yet another van load yesterday. We still need to go out there and unload it this morning. He feels he has enough for the entire winter next year, now, which was his goal. Now, he will stop for a few days, at least, but may go more later if the weather cooperates. It is so nice to have it, since we heat with wood all day, every day.

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