Thriving In My Thrifty Week-Feb. 22, 2022

We finally finished up all of the apples we had, except a very few we refrigerated again for fresh eating. This includes the boxes on the porch, and all the random apples stashed in refrigerators all over the place. Whew!!! I feel like it was an accomplishment and a blessing to get those apples processed so they will last longer.

I have lost track of how many we have dried, but there are glass gallon jars full, and other assorted containers full as well. We did one final batch yesterday.

I made and canned more applesauce. In the end, I got 18 more jars of assorted sizes. They were mostly pints, but there were a couple of quarts as well. With what I did the other day, this should give me enough 2023 applesauce without buying boxes in the summer, but I still have that option just in case people suddenly decide to scarf this all up. Of course, we have not worked through all that is in the shop, yet. I’m excited about this because it should make my summer a little bit easier, since there is always plenty of other things to can during that busy season.

I did something fun with some of the apples–gluten-free apple fritters! They were SO good I don’t dare to make them again very soon:)

I made enchilada casserole, using some corn tortillas that had been around quite a while. I used the rest to make some home-made cinnamon-sugar chips, and fried them in the same oil I used for the fritters.

I worked hard this week to use up more odds and ends from the fridge, freezers and cupboards.

Chili-mac was on the menu and used garden onions, some peppers from a party, a can of beans that had been lingering in the pantry and home-canned tomato sauce from ’21.

I used some bread crumbs I made a little while back, home-canned beans, and some cheese that needed using to make what we call “puffy.” It’s from the “More-With-Less” cookbook and is called Puffy Green Bean Bake, I think, but I’ve been making it for years. It is actually not very puffy when I make it, but tastes good.

Although much of what I’m doing this time of year revolves around cooking and cleaning, we also had some greenhouse work accomplished. Rob is still planting seeds every few weeks, according to his plan of when they need to be ready and how long they take to grow. Many things are up and he spoke of doing some first transplanting soon.

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  1. Nice to see your post. And well done on using up all those apples. i have that very same style dehydrator! I got a great sale on 5# russett potatoes for $1.88 so ended up with two bags. I cooked them all up in two cooking sessions and turned them into twice baked potatoes. Then froze those. I love having easy stuff in the freezer. Cheers,

    1. I like the dehydrator. We actually have 2, and tons of the round screens, but only 6 screens, which I like to use, so that’s why you only see me using 6 at a time. Rob had purchased the 2nd one for $5 at a yard sale years ago, as a back=up, and I can’t even begin to imagine how old the first one is. In fact, one of the trays finally began to break. It’s brittle from age and use, but who cares because I have all those extras:)

      1. I got mine at the thrift store! In the original box and it looked like it had never been used.

    1. Those were SO good. I just have to say they were easy, too. It was a batter I stirred up and I just dropped spoonfuls into hot oil in a frying pan, cooked, then turned. Then it called for a glaze.

  2. Hi Becky,
    Wow, you’re still processing apples! So, about how many pounds did you have? It’s wonderful to have so many to dehydrate; they’re so good! I have the “More with Less” cookbook, and have used so many recipes from there through the years; I’ll try that one. Please do have Rob get some photos from the greenhouse–we’re a long way off from planting here in Colorado. Today it’s about 21, but feels like it’s colder.
    Have a wonderful rest of your week.

    1. I’ve asked him to take pictures. He needs to do some transplanting, but it’s actually been snowing here, so he’s putting it off until he can do it outside where he usually does without getting snow down his neck!

      It is hard to figure out how many pounds of apples, but I’m guessing we bought around 40 pounds last August. That became applesauce, and some other apple products. Then, I’m sure my sister gave us around 100 lbs in the fall, in batches. Those were made into canned apples, cinnamon apples, pie filling, I think, and numerous crisps and fresh eating. Then, of course, I dried and sauced the remaining ones we didn’t eat. Rob’s sister sent around 40 pounds, over time, I’m guessing. Those were eaten, and then dried and sauced. Best guess, 180-200 lbs. So, now there are 5 in the fridge. Apples, not pounds. It will be interesting to see what apple products I need to process next fall, if any.

  3. Nice work getting through all of those apples! We had a good week, and were skiing. We opted for the condo with a kitchen & laundry, & I brought most of the food from home. We did do a meal out (one of the boys with us was celebrating his 16th birthday on the trip), & I made brownies & had ice cream to celebrate the day. We had lunch at Costco on the drive there, which is about the most frugal lunch out you can get!

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