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Thriving In My Thrifty Week-Jan. 2, 2023

I love the new year, every single time! It’s just so fun to “start over” even if it’s just psychological! I spent some time cleaning up Christmas (to the music of sobs and crying as my poor grandson was not on board with my decision to put those fun things away!), and put out a few cold weather-themed candles, just because it’s so dark this time of year.

He does like the cleaning part, though! He swept and vacuumed and scrubbed for quite a long time.

I am very predictable in January. I always want to clean out foods that have been sitting around for a long time on my pantry shelves, continue hitting the home-preserved foods hard, clean the house, and save money. It’s just what I do this time of year.

Rob and I removed an area rug in the living room, cleaned it, hung it to dry on a ladder in front of the fire, and swept, vacuumed and mopped under the couches. It was a huge job, and the rug is still drying, but it’s good to get such a big project underway.

I got out a big bowl of beans to soak and am also making split pea soup with ham broth that had been previously frozen and split peas from the shelf. I brightened it up with a pint of my canned carrots, and they do look pretty in there. The beans will become chili, refried beans, and plain beans to freeze for later.

I checked out a library book called “The Simple Comforts Step-by-Step Instant Pot Book” by Jeffrey Eisner. This recipe was in it and it was SO good! It’s called Teriyaki Chicken. I’ve made a couple of other recipes from there, also, so I had Rob look it up on Amazon and was able to buy it for only $11!

I spent some time sorting my herbs and spices and re-filling my jars in the kitchen. I buy them in bulk and use the same little jars over and over. I save a tremendous amount of money this way. Some spices or mixes, like Mexican seasoning and chili powder are used so much I buy huge packages of them. Others, such as cream of tartar and ground mustard are used much less often, so I buy only a small bit of them at a time. Now they are all full again, which saves me time on busy days and lets me know what I need to buy before long.

I canned some pineapple. We don’t use much of it, so this will likely be all I need for the next year.

I was given hazelnuts and walnuts, and look forward to using them this year as well. I froze them to preserve freshness. The ones you see in this picture are last year’s, pulled from the freezer to rotate them. I roasted a large pan before Christmas and took a few to Christmas dinner, as did almost every other sister in some form or other:). That’s what your get when you are all raised on a hazelnut farm–hazelnuts say holiday to us!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year’s!


We spent New Year’s Eve camping at the beach.  It was a gorgeous day, ending in a brilliant sunset.  This picture really doesn’t do the colors justice.  I will say it was extremely cold, though.  The wind whipped up and we were feeling frozen!  We were very thankful to go  our warm, cozy camper.  We watched movies, ate caramel corn we had purchased at a candy shop, and got some sleep.  Earlier in the week, it had been stormy and rainy, so it was a real treat when the weather turned sunny.


Today, New Year’s Day, we came home to find that the power had been off.  There was a lot of debris on the ground and the friend who kindly took care of our animals while we were gone, told us that he had helped neighbors remove a large branch from a power line this morning.  All of our freezers seem fine–still frozen solid, so it was short-lived, thank goodness.  We were only gone a few days, but it would have been tragic to lose our freezers full of food, so I’m very thankful that we did not.

It was a great start to our new year!   I hope your new year started out as well as ours did.


I did get one walk on the beach in–between showers and wind gusts!   We still love the beach, though, rain or shine, but even the children were more than willing to look and not go in this time!