Menu Plan–Week of February 14, 2016


Yup, this is late.  The week has already started and we have already been eating.  Imagine that!  We had the pleasure of bringing a niece and nephew home yesterday evening for the night.  Their mama is out of town, their dad had to work today, and Uncle Rob was available.  Win-win!  Due to their special needs, feeding them has been a breeze.  They only like a few select items.  We simply fed them what they liked, and all was well.  When I left for work this morning, Rob was frantically frying bacon (they both like that), french toast (Michaela), scrambled eggs (Jake), and doling out the medications to the cousins and our kids.  Some “magic medicine” needs to be stirred into apple juice and given in a drink, some kids have pills, there is one patch involved, and that doesn’t even count my meds, which I gave to myself before waltzing off to work!  After eating their mega breakfast (not-they pick at it, especially Jake), they followed me into town and picked up Ja’Ana, who had her guitar lesson this morning.  They watched a movie, using a gift card my brother-in-law had, for most of the cost.  Then, as french fries are always involved on these visits, they grabbed lunch, and then came home. We fed them dinner, and he took them home.  Everyone had a great time.

Sunday:  We ate at my sister’s house at noon and brought hamburgers.  We had tuna melts and peanut butter sandwiches for dinner.

Monday:  We ate the tuna casserole I made a few days ago, plus more peanut butter sandwiches.

Tuesday:  baked chicken, baked potatoes, green beans

Wednesday:  chicken soup

Thursday:  Lovana’s choice, maybe chicken enchiladas

Friday:  Pizza

Saturday:  Leftovers for lunch, dinner in Salem with our special needs son–we will hopefully get him from his group home and take him to a movie and dinner for his birthday.

Sunday:  family dinner- my aunt is bringing lasagna, I am bringing birthday cake for my sister, green beans and salad–no idea yet of how many people are coming.


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