Saving Money–October 23, 2016


Eggs were on sale for 99c/dozen at the store 2 blocks from our house.  So, tonight, when we had company, I served up deviled eggs, soup, veggies, rolls they brought, and ice cream.  I was so happy to easily serve 14, a nice practice run for Thanksgiving, where there will be only a few more than that.  It was great to see our friends.   Different sets of friends are slowly making it down to visit us in our new home, and we are super excited to see them when they come.

I got milk for 99c for 1/2 gallon, corn chips for 88c per bag and a few other items at Fred Meyers.


During the summer, my sister had Ja’Ana and Alissa dig up a flower bed for her, removing many bulbs.  She shared a bucket full with us.  On Saturday,  Patsy planted a bunch of them near the sidewalk.  There is nothing but a big blank area that gets really dry in the summer, so it will be perfect for bulbs.  There are still some left, but a lot got planted.  It should be a lovely splash of color for absolutely free.  Rob got a lawnmower and mowed the lawn for the first time since we moved here, so things are looking good.  We’ve had such a lot of stormy weather and were glad to get a nice day.

J had a chance to go with the youth group to remove a tree that had fallen in the recent storm.  The kids were paid into a fund that will be applied towards the next youth group outing they want to attend.  Win-win!

I worked a lot last week, which will translate into a bit more $.  This week will be easier on me, and I have a lot to do around here, so that’s ok.


My sister was able to come do school with the girls one whole day.  Of course she wants to be as involved as she can with her daughter’s education.   Get a load of those expressions!  The girls clearly didn’t know what to do with both of us teaching them at the same time:)  Truly, it was awesome.  I was able to show her what they were doing, and how to do it, and she did some of the reading while I did laundry.   We are settling into routines now.  My brother-in-law started geometry and conversational Spanish with the girls last week and they are off to a great start.  I have assignments to help them do Monday, and he will work with them after work on Tuesday and give us some more to have done by Friday.  They have both done Spanish before, so he is talking to them at length (like an hour at a time) and giving them little assignments to do in-between when he works with them.  I’m keeping Language Arts, History, Vocabulary, and Biology going.  Also, I’m handling the Home Economics.  We are all working on field trips, Rob included.  Between us all, these girls are going to get educated!  Even if it kills them:)

Rob’s job keeps changing a little each week.  The first child he was originally hired for has moved on to another school.  We are happy that they kept Rob on at the same school.  For a while there, we were not sure if they could.  So, they changed him to another child, and then another.  He also rides the bus with yet another child, and this one gets on near our house, which saves him gas money.  He is still getting used to what he is supposed to be doing, but is getting the hang of it more and more each day.  He still has a job, and we can’t wait to get paid for the first time in a long time.  So, that’s going well.



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    1. Cindy, It’s almost embarrassing–it’s so easy. I hard-boil eggs and cool them down. Then, I cut them in half and put the yokes in a bowl. I put the whites on plates. Then, I mash the yokes with a fork and add some mayo, Miracle Whip, salt and pepper. The ratio is about 2 parts mayo to 1 part Miracle Whip. I taste it and see if it tastes good. If it doesn’t, I add more, little by little, until it tastes good and is a consistency I like-not too mushy. Then I spoon it into the whites. I might sprinkle it with paprika or add some parsley if I want to get fancy. That’s it. Simple, but we love them.

  1. I love how the youth group did the work for money for their activities! That was such a good way to handle that.

    I suspect that a lot of changes at the beginning of the school year are pretty normal, but the important thing is that they seem to be happy with Rob and are both keeping and expanding his hours. I know you will feel better when it’s all more settled, but I bet if you talk to people at the school, this is probably normal for the beginning. At my daughter’s high school, they even had changes starting at the second term (school here starts in early August, so they’ve been in for a while), which including adding new sessions and shifting the students around. It’s kind of a good thing for our school, as the reason for it is enrollment is up, after many years of decline, but I know it’s been hard for the teachers and kids affected by the changes.

  2. Dear Rob and Becky, How are my favorite school teachers? I have been meaning to tell you how much your blog is appreciated. It keeps me up to date. How specifically can we pray for you, Rob? I am thankful that you still have a job and hope that you will have a little person who connects with you–in a positive way and not on the chin!!! You are sure busy getting things done around your place and it looks really, really good. Jan and I had a very relaxed time at Sunriver. I imagine she has told you about it. Now, I have to be responsible again. Love you all, Mom

    1. Hey, Mom! I’m glad you guys had a great time. This week is going to be much easier for me, since Jake is gone. When I told Michaela I was leaving early because it was no use waiting for Jake, she told me “thanks for reminding me–don’t talk about that, Auntie” She sure wanted to go. She had a great afternoon, though, anyway. You ladies will have fun on Wednesday, I think. We played Sorry, again, today:)

  3. Dear Rob and Becky,
    I am so glad that you are getting a little routine.I am so glad you are both working! I am glad Rob got to stay at the same school and even rides the bus. I have not done that since High School, I won’t tell you how many years that has been. Rob is in my continued prayers as I was an aid for some kiddos on the spectrum. As the kids figure out the schedule, I am guessing less melt downs will happen. Becky how wonderful that you are homeschooling. I remember those years. So fun and wonderful to pour into those young women. I love that God has made a way.
    Big Blessings and Hugs

    1. Thanks so much! It is rather humorous to us that Rob, who is quite big and tall, is riding the “little” bus:) He is well over 6 feet tall, and those seats were not made for him at all–but he doesn’t mind! Thanks for the prayers. This week is definitely more settled. We were thinking that, too. Changes are not easy for those kiddos and they should settle a bit as they get used to him more and more.

  4. Yum. Love Deviled Eggs. Rob’s job is probably wearing him out with all the changes – it does make you tense even if it is not difficult. However, it sounds great. Thanksgiving will really be special this year for you guys.

    1. Yes, it does wear him out. He had an especially rough Friday–after his special charge got out of control on the bus, they returned to school, and I had to go pick up my “big boy” from school, as his vehicle was at a different location. Although we wouldn’t ever wish for that to happen, traffic was really bad and we got an entire hour “date” out of it by the time we retrieved our van–so it turned out really good:) But, the whole job is settling a bit for him, so that’s good. The kids are the same, he’s just learning how to help some of them better.

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