thriving In My thrifty Week–June 28, 2020

We got the chance to pick cherries this week. My sister has several trees and shared them with the family. I canned some and made a cherry crisp. Yum!

Since there were several nieces, my oldest daughter, both sisters, it was like a family reunion, and we all worked hard on scattering the required 6 foot distance from each other while trying to get the best cherries. It was a little comical at times, and some finally went and got masks to help the situation out a little.

Rob got the tiny tiller going and I tilled up 2 small sections where other crops had been pulled. In this place, I planted several small lettuces he had grown in the greenhouse, and some Russian Frills kale. My friend, Jeannie, sent Rob the seeds for both the kale and the Red Merlot lettuce. He planted only part of the seeds she sent, and plans on growing more in the fall. He also grew Buttercrunch lettuce and Drunken Frizzy-Headed Woman lettuce. I watered them in and netted them. We have so many birds, they are hard on lettuce.

I picked berries several times this week. Besides the raspberries and strawberries, I picked a small handful of Marion (black) berries. The blueberries are turning blue, but are still sour, so I’m leaving them for a while. I froze most of them, and we ate the rest.

I picked cabbage, snow peas, green onions, basil, cilantro, 2-4 try tomatoes and 2 tiny zucchinis.

We went to the dentist for cleanings and check-ups. It took a long time, due to the extra Covid cleaning, but I am so grateful they could do Rob’s teeth before his surgery. I am the only one who has to go back, they need to replace an old filling.

We spent hours cleaning and organizing for the upcoming surgery. I finished today with a thorough cleaning/bleaching of the bathroom, mopping all over, bleaching doorknobs, doing dishes, cooking a little, and a little garden work. We now have a shower/bathtub bench (after all our scurrying around looking for a free/cheap one, we found that our insurance covered a brand-new one, in full. Hmmmm. Wish we had known that first. We are the proud owners of compression socks and trekker poles. The rest of the little gadgets will be given to us at the hospital.

Rob had his Covid test this morning, and tested negative. Praise God! Now, we just go down there in the morning, and get the operation done. The nurses at the orthopedic clinic said the cafeteria either isn’t open at all, or is open for very short hours only. I’m taking no chances. Instead, I’m taking a lunch:). I’m so grateful I can go at all, at first only the patients were allowed in the hospital. I will need to come home at 7 p.m., as that’s as late as I can stay. If all goes as it should, I will bring him home on Tuesday. We have people for Patsy to be with, and people lined up to help when Rob first comes home. I’m as ready as I can be, and Rob is more than ready. Since they made him stop his ibuprophin a few days ago, his pain level is very high.

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  1. Prayers up for Rob, your family, and the meducal team.. I am so happy for all of you that his surgery is finally happening.

  2. I’ll be saying a prayer for you tomorrow! I hope everything goes very smoothly!

  3. Praying for a successful surgery and speedy recovery. I know you’re both glad that it’s finally time for surgery…..Vicky in Ky

  4. Prayers for a successful surgery and a quick recovery. I hope that Rod will soon be feeling much better!

  5. I hope all goes well with Rob’s surgery. I know it has been a long road for Rob, you, and everyone else that cares for the two of you. God has been with your family thus far and will see you thru to the end of this.

    Keep us informed on how the surgery went.

  6. What a funny name, “Drunken Frizzy-Headed Woman” lettuce. Sending wishes that Rob goes through the surgery with ease, and recovers in record time.

    1. Thank you! I’ve grown the lettuce for several years. I started because of the silly name, but we continued because it tastes and grows great!

  7. Sending prayers from Charleston SC. Hope the surgery is completely successful and he recovers quickly!

    1. Thank you so much. The doctor was very pleased when he talked to me and when I came home, Rob was up and fully coherent, and they had him walk down the hall already.

  8. I’m laughing about the Drunken Frizzy-Headed Woman lettuce!!! I am a frizzy-headed woman but not the drunken part! I will have to try to get some of that lettuce to grow!!! I’ve been up in my bathroom all morning trying out some new products to try to contain the frizz! Nothing helps!

    Best wishes and numerous prayers for you and Rob! I just know you both are going to be so relieved after this surgery is over!!!

  9. Didn’t think to include this in my other comment. And you may already know this but make sure to administer the pain medicine at the prescribed intervals. Don’t try and extend the time and be a hero. Keep to the schedule at least for the first few days home- even if he thinks he doesn’t ‘need’ it. For me, the third day home from hospital was always the worst one for me pain wise.

    1. That’s good to know. This afternoon, before I came home, he had only been given Tylenol in addition to the operation pain blockers. He was told he may start having more pain tonight and to ask for meds when it did. I’ll keep the 3rd day thing in mind. Thanks!

  10. Just seeing this Monday afternoon but praying now for a speedy recovery and strength for you and all you will have to do.

  11. Tell Rob, I have plenty of seeds to share with him. I am a compulsive seed buyer – can’t resist the pretty pictures in the seed catalogs.

    1. Yesterday, my sister came to help me weed, as I’ve been kind of busy with Rob. We gave her a couple of the Russian Frills Kale seedlings from those seeds you sent Rob a few weeks ago. I got some of them planted out in the garden, too. So, we will be looking forward to trying that when it grows, and so is she:)

      1. I like using the Russian Frills leaves in salad. I snip them so the ruffles are in strips and really “fancy-up” a salad.

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