A Little More Canning and What Did We Eat? September 20, 2018


This week, I was able to get enough tomatoes for both pasta/pizza sauce and taco/enchilada sauce.  I’m super happy with the flavor of both.  I was surprised with more cucumbers when I looked under the bushes that really look as if they are dying.  So, I made more spicy pickles because I also found a couple more jalapeños and Serranos on those bushes.


One night I roasted a pan of sweet potatoes, white potatoes and acorn squash.  They all turned out great.  The Carnival acorn squash plant has been prolific and I just keep taking the biggest ones that look the most mature, and using them.  This is the 3rd one we’ve eaten so far.  There are quite a few left out there.  Some probably won’t mature, but several will.

We have had chicken with plum sauce twice.  Since I made a new batch, and there are enough prunes to do it again if I get around to it, I am glad that we are finding a way to use it in such a tasty fashion.


We are still eating zucchini, although I’m happy to report it has slowed down to a manageable level.  It is nice to saute some zucchini with onion until just crisp-tender.  This is an old picture, so it doesn’t show the yellow crookneck squash, or the scallopini squash or the round ball squash that came up from the few seeds I planted from a summer squash mixture in early August.  The old plants are about done, and will probably die before long, so it will be nice to still have a fresh veggie when that happens for a few more weeks.


I had Eritrean food with Harnet one day.  Danait was proud as can be of her bike-riding skills.  The bike and helmet were birthday gifts back in June, and she has improved a lot.  Since the only place she can ride is the parking lot of their apartment complex, there is a little routine they do, so I had to do it, too.  It consists of her riding off quickly, with the grown-up chasing her, all the while looking for stray cars and cats (there might be one, you never know!).  She was telling me they do it 3 times some days.  I was done at one trip around their course:)  It was a good workout.  Lunch was great. I took a salad to add to the food Harnet cooked.  Of course, she sent some home.  This time it was the red lentils she likes to make and some rice with mixed vegetables in it.  The girls here at home have been eating it as taco filling.

I got some pork cutlets on mark-down last week, so we used them this week.  Rob grilled them after marinading them for a while in one of his concoctions.  They were delicious.  We ate lots of salad, piles of tomatoes, some canned and fresh fruit, a few potatoes, and some other side dishes.  It’s going to be harder to plan dinner when the garden dies, but it’s still limping along for now.  I’m glad. It’s an awesome time of year when I have so much fresh produce.




6 thoughts on “A Little More Canning and What Did We Eat? September 20, 2018”

  1. It’s so nice that your garden is still producing and you are able to both eat some of it fresh and preserve the rest for later. That pan of vegetables for roasting looks good!

    1. It was really good. I think that I am ready for some fall flavors. I am also glad to be using up some of the small squash in such a nice way because they keep a while, but not as long as the big ones, such as Sweetmeat.

  2. Sounds like you had a tasty week with lots of variety. I wish you would share your recipe for canning enchilada sauce. My husband suggested I can some but there’s so many recipes on the internet. Our favorite store bought brand is Old El Paso, but I feel like I could have it cheaper by making some. Some of the recipes I’ve found don’t even seem to be a tomato base, but are all about the spices, so I end up confused. If yours is a secret family recipe and you don’t want to share, I understand. Have a great day and so happy you are still adding to your pantry. ….Vicky in Ky

    1. I am going to do a post with what I did for the taco/enchilada sauce. It is not a secret recipe, unless you count the fact that I put in a little of this and a little of that until it may be a secret to me as well! I am going to try to remember what I did and get it written down, which may help you, but surely will help me when I try to do it again–because it turned out really, really good. Rob has already downed a little jar of it!

  3. It’s hard to believe how much food comes out of your garden. My Mom used to watch a program on PBS called Liberty Gardens. It was about how the British raised their own food when food was so scarce during the war. I’ll be your garden could match or beat the best of them.

    1. I feel very blessed by the amount of food we get. This year was exceptional for most things out there. I can plant and tend, but only God can make it grow, and I’m very thankful.

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