Thriving In My thrifty Week–March 2, 2020

On Friday, we had a rare day off. When we realized that we were absolutely free for the entire day, we made a plan to drive down to the Oregon Coast.

It was cloudy and even rained a bit on us. We were not surprised! Rob and Patsy looked for agates for a while. I walked the dog around, read a book and rested. We stopped in at a couple of quilt shops, because that is a fun treat for me, got a little ice cream and candy to share, and drove on home. It was a fun, frugal, relaxing day in the midst of our busy, busy lives.

Patsy has been working on her sewing again. This week, she made a pair of pajama pants. She was able to use a pattern I’ve had for years and some fabric that was lurking in the back room in a bin. While we were digging around, she chose a second piece and I expect that she will make another pair before long.

She is going on a missions trip with her youth group over spring vacation and needed some new things. They don’t need to be especially nice, as they will be doing work projects at a camp. Rob got a handful of things at Union Gospel Mission Thrift Store, and she hemmed up a pair of capris into shorts this week as well.

I took her to Macy’s and she spent her gift cards from Christmas on some things she needed badly.

Our lives should settle down considerably now that our loved family member has been released from her second hospitalization. She had severe complications from her first surgery. February was a blur for all of us. She spent at least 13 nights in the hospital, plus numerous additional visits to the doctor. The whole family will still need to pitch in, but I have confidence that she will improve as time passes. We have a family schedule, so we all know when it’s our turn to help out–so helpful to have a plan.

Our daughter, Lovana, made about 150 desserts for her dear friend’s wedding dessert table. She did it over at her own house, but borrowed quite a few things from my kitchen so she would have enough for such a huge project. I was very proud of her.

The bride and groom were so cute, and the wedding was lovely. One of my favorite parts of the wedding, aside from how much I enjoy seeing these kids grow up and the beautiful wedding itself, was seeing friends we have not seen for quite a while, and watching their reactions when they saw the changes in Rob, due to his extreme weight loss. It was really quite gratifying after all the work he has put in.

One day, I noticed the garden was drying out a bit, but rain was expected the next day. That’s how it is in the early spring in this part of Oregon. We seized the short window of opportunity. I planted a few carrots, beets, lettuce, boc choi, snow peas and a few tiny cabbage plants that were extras, and will likely get eaten by slugs, but were going to get tossed anyway. Maybe they will grow…who knows? If I get anything from this extra early “gambler’s” planting, it will extend my gardening season significantly. Right now, I’m spending quite a bit on fresh produce as I refuse to cut down on healthy food.

This took much longer than it should have because the tiny tiller I can handle was being sulky and it took Rob quite a bit of time to get it to work. I’m hopeless with mechanical things, so I was grateful he could do that part. I cannot even count up the amount of money he has saved over the years by fixing and tinkering with things himself. I, on the other hand, do things like push buttons that do no good, flood the motor constantly, break things worse than they were before I started, and even got the small tiller started one year and drove over my foot with it! Yikes! No wonder he stands by whenever I’m touching anything mechanical with a worried expression on his face. At one point in our marriage, he gently asked me to please stop “fixing” things, cause it was taking him twice as long to fix them after I “fixed” them, if you know what I mean:). I will be ecstatic to let him take back over everything remotely mechanical once he is more mobile, and he will be quite relieved as well.

Rob finally has a surgery date–but not until April 20. We wish it was sooner, but it is what it is. At least he has a date, at last.

18 thoughts on “Thriving In My thrifty Week–March 2, 2020”

  1. How wonderful you had a day off, and were able to enjoy it. That’s too funny about you “fixing things”. Rob seems like an awesome guy. Many wishes for smooth sailing with his surgery.

    1. Thank you so much. I am very blessed to have Rob. Thankfully, after 37 years of marriage, we know who can do what jobs the best, and we usually stick to our strong points. This has been quite a stretch for me the past couple of years as things have progressed with Rob’s hip. It has been a bit stretch for him as well, as he so longs for the day when he can just get right back in there and do what he does best!

  2. Becky, I somehow found your blog and have been following you for over a year now. I have been praying for Rob and I am so relieved he will be able to have his surgery. I will continue the prayers for a speedy recovery.

  3. April 20. Wonderful news. It is just around the corner. I laughed so hard at your comments about fixing things. It is so nice to have a handy husband. It does make life so much easier.

    1. It is close…he’s just ready now! He’s been at weight since October, and is so worried that he will gain some back.

  4. Yay, on the surgery date. He has worked so hard and waited so long, that I am glad the end is in sight. I’m sure he will still have a long recovery, but hopefully the pain will be less.
    You cracked me up about the mechanical stuff, sounds like me and my husband. Thankful for handy husbands.
    The cupcakes look beautiful and delicious. She really has a talent for baking.
    Great job on the sewing too. Your girls are talented.
    Sounds like a lovely day on the coast.

  5. Wow, what a long journey this has been for Rob and you. I will continue to pray, as you await the surgery. I’m glad you got away to the coast. I miss it–we’re from CA. 🙁
    Those cupcakes look so lovely that Lovana made, great job!
    Have a blessed week, Becky

  6. My husband had a hip replacement in July of 2019. He said he’s glad he did it! Yes, it hurt after surgery and is still not 100% (he gets weird nerve tingling, etc. ) but the joint pain is gone! The doctor said it’s about a year to be 100%. Unfortunately, the second hip will also need replaced. The dr said he’ll know when it does. I guess that means when the daily pain is worse than the anticipated pain from the surgery. God bless Rob, you, and your whole family. I don’t often comment, but I read and enjoy every post!

  7. Could you share the pattern you like to use for PJ pants? I need an very easy one, thanks.
    Glad you could get a day at the beach. I love the ocean.

    1. She used Simplicity 2819. There are lots of nighties on the pattern, and some look more challenging, but the pants pattern was what she used and it was simple. Watch JoAnn’s for a pattern sale, and it won’t be too expensive to just use the part of the pattern:)

      1. Thanks! I’ve decided to make something since I can’t find anything that I like or where the legs are long enough. I’m 5’9″ and I can’t find any ladies’ PJ pants that work.

        1. Since the regular flannel from JoAnn’s usually shrinks for me, I’d either wash it first, or cut the pants even longer then you want them to allow for that.

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