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Thriving In My Thrifty Week-Nov. 26, 2023

I’ve been enjoying my Thanksgiving flowers all week. We hosted this year and I made several bouquets to put here and there. I used some flowers my daughter had used the previous week for a party she had. I was amazed that part of them were still good. Rob grabbed a few more from Trader Joe’s and I combined them. Then I plan to pull out the old ones as they get yucky, and keep enjoying the newer ones as long as they last.

Unfortunately, I was quite sick the entire week before Thanksgiving week so I wasn’t able to get as many things done ahead as I would have liked. It all worked out in the end. I had family members pitch in and, together, we got the job done. We had a lovely day and many family members were able to come and celebrate.

The day after Thanksgiving dawned clear and crisp. We loaded our nephew and grandson up and took off to find a tree. We haven’t had a live tree for over 5 years, so we have no “favorite” farm. We just drove out, followed a sign, and easily found a nice place. Rob helped the boys cut down the tree and we brought it home on top of the car.

We got the decorations out of the shop and got them up. This upcoming week is insanely crazy so I wanted that job done this weekend so we can enjoy the decor before it’s time to put it all away!

I am in the Christmas program at church again this year, which means rehearsals every night this upcoming week, except one, dress rehearsal and then 3 performances next weekend. We also have extra work training one day, and a full work schedule. To help myself out, I have some pre-cooked meals in the freezer. I have all my home-canned “fast food” and many ingredients in my freezers and pantry. We should make out fine, despite the busy week.

I sat down this evening and ordered seeds from Pinetree Garden Seeds. They had a 15% off Black Friday sale, which was awesome. There are a few things, like Carmen peppers and cabbage mix, that I always get there. I will do a Territorial order later on. I am excited to feel like the new gardening year is right around the corner!

What Did We Eat? May 25, 2018



This week has been a week of “finishing up.”  Michaela finished up her school program and graduated last night.  Alissa and Ja’Ana finished up their schoolwork yesterday, as well.  I am almost finished correcting it, as I have worked all week on that project.  I finished up some mushrooms that were starting to “go” in omelets one day.


And, there were a lot of food items that needed finishing up as well.  Because the girls needed to do independent work, with only a bit of help, I cleaned my food storage shelves in-between helping them.  I found that we had finished up a lot of things, and have much left in other sections.  I am still searching for white rice.  I thought there was a lot, but….  There are a couple of other places to look in the garage before I despair:)

I decided that I would not shop this weekend as I usually do, but, instead, finish up some of the odds and ends I found while cleaning.  Clearly, we are not short on food:). On Thursday, I had a bean-cooking day.  I found dried beans tucked away in many locations and wanted to use some.

I cooked a package of mixed beans.  1/2 of it I used with a ham bone that had been previously frozen at the holidays to make ham/bean soup.  The other 1/2 I cooked plain, and froze for another day.


I soaked a huge amount of pinto beans, and threw in a few black beans that I wanted to finish up, added lots of various frozen peppers from 2015’s garden, a big onion that was starting to sprout, salt, and water, and put the Crock Pot on low all day.  Last night, I used my immersion blender to grind it up, and today, I’m going to freeze many, many little cartons of refried beans. There is another bowl, much larger than this one, as well.  We like the homemade kind so much better, but since I’ve been busy lately, we’ve had to resort to the canned ones, which are still good.

I also made a big pot of chili from the rest of the pinto beans.  I froze a few small containers of that for dinners for Rob and Patsy when I get home from work late, plus a few of the ham/bean soup.


I made more popsicles.  I used some canned pears that I am targeting, along with the crumbled up frozen raspberry bits that always collect in the bottom of the ziplock bags.  I cut the pears into very small chunks, stirred in the berries, poured some of the liquid from the pears in and added a very little sugar, since the berries are super tart.


I spooned it into the molds and froze the popsicles.  They were a big hit.  I’ve already made them again and anticipate doing it frequently.  You can see that I used some of the whole berries in the second batch, and they came out great as well.

We had salad a couple of times from our garden lettuce.

I am so happy to have the storage shelved wiped off and organized.  Now I know what categories I need to fill. I often fill things up in the spring, and shop very minimally during the summer.  With a shelf full of stored items, the freezers, my canned items, and the garden, we usually don’t need a lot on a weekly basis.  I have to put some money out up front, but it saves me a lot of time and money in the summer because I bought in bulk, and have the garden for produce, so I don’t have to spend time at the stores.

Rob and I slipped away and ate at Subway one night.  Big date:). But, I’ll take what I can get, and am happy for every moment I can spend with him.  I’m glad summer is coming because we will be able to work together with the kids.  We have lots of good ideas of things to do with them.

What Did We Eat– January 12, 2018


This past week, our 1/4 beef arrived.  While I was arranging the freezers to make room for the beef, I found a package of turkey wings from the turkeys Rob grew before we moved.  Clearly, it was time to use those wings!  So, I put lemon and rosemary on them, a little water in the bottom, added salt and pepper, and cooked them in the crock pot for a few hours.  We ate part of the meat.

I made turkey enchiladas from the rest.

I cooked a large crock pot of chili.  We had it several times over the past few days.

I also made another crock pot of refried beans.   I froze most of those, except the ones the kids ate on tortillas several times, and the ones I put in the enchiladas.


Then, I cooked the turkey wing bones in the crock pot all night with water and salt, and made broth.

On Wednesday, when my mom came to lunch, the girls and I fed her turkey soup made from that broth, biscuits and cupcakes.  The soup had a slight lemony flavor, which is not my normal flavor, but it was good.  I just made a simple one with veggies and a little mixed grain.


I used some tomatoes, a pepper and 1/2 onion to make Pico de Gallo.  We ate it with some lime tortilla chips I got a while back.


Patsy wanted to hard-boil some eggs, but did not know how.  I taught her, she made a bunch, and enjoyed them for dinner tonight.

We are still cruising along on the groceries I bought over a week ago.  We picked up a few 1/2 gallons of milk for 99c each during the week, but not much else.  I still have plenty of food left, but will need to go buy produce sometime in the next week.  There were no great deals that I needed in the ads this week, except the milk,  so I didn’t even go to the stores.  I did download my Friday Freebie, though, and can get it in the next few days.  I plan to shop minimally until I get some more things out of my freezers.  They are stuffed because we added the beef and I want a little more wiggle room in them.  So, this week, I’ll target bread and other bulky frozen foods.  We are in that time of year where I’m so glad I preserved all those fruits and vegetables last summer.  We are really utilizing them now:)



What Did We Eat? January 4, 2018


Of course, the first week of January just has to be about using things up, eating healthier and of course, saving money on food.

We were still on party mode on New Year’s Eve, and had a family feast/birthday party.  on Monday, we just ate leftovers.

On January 2, Alissa had her birthday.  We made potato-cheese soup, her all-time favorite, and she enjoyed it that day, took some home, and we ate the rest here for a couple of days.


I made some tapioca pudding.


I drank lots of water with lemon.  You know, to make the leftover Christmas chocolate more healthy:)


Last night, I made a simple stir-fry with celery, carrots, onion, chicken and soy sauce.  I had leftover rice from Sunday, and made fried rice from onion, rice, soy sauce and a little pineapple.  Seriously, that was all except salt and pepper.  Very simple, used up things, and very tasty.  I bought a 10-lb bag of carrots from Costco before Christmas, because they were under $5!  So, I’m targeting carrots.  Rob has been taking leftovers in his lunch now that he’s back to work, so the fridge is finally starting to clear out, but there is still plenty for tonight.

We’ve eaten eggs, toast, tater tots, leftover dips and chips, and other things that needed to be cleared out or from the freezer or cupboard.  I’ve spent under $20 on groceries this week so far, as we had so much to use up.

For the next few days, I plan to use some beef broth I made a few days ago.  I will make some kind of soup or stew from that, or use it in chili.  I need bagels since Jake will be spending a few day, and that’s his food of choice.  There is a great deal on cheese at Fred Meyers on Friday or Saturday (need to check) where 8 oz bags are only 99c.  I will get those.  I hope to jot down a few menu ideas in the next couple of days to give me ideas for the next few days, using other items that need to be used.

How’s your January meal planning going?