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Menu Plans–February 28, 2016

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Today, I decorated the cake for my sister’s birthday.  We were supposed to have it last Sunday, but there were sick children, so we postponed until today.  As you can see from the pictures, I cut out a heart shape from waxed paper.  Then, I set the cut out heart on top of the iced cake and sprinkled the cake heavily with edible glitter.  After removing the heart shape, I placed the outer piece of waxed paper on, and sprinkled the heart cut-out with red glitter.  It was simple and looked nice.  We had lasagna my aunt made, beans, salad and this cake.  I took some roasted hazelnuts, as well.  We gave her some tea that her children helped Rob buy when they stayed here a couple of weeks ago.  It was just a simple, family birthday party, one of the every-day kinds of moments that actually mean a lot to me when I come to the end of a day.

We ended up being given a meal from a friend on Monday.   We actually ate 1/2 on Monday, and then ate the soup on Tuesday and Wednesday both.   So, I never did make up some of the meals I planned last week.  I love having the plan, though.  On the days when food doesn’t unexpectedly drop into my lap, it is good to have a plan:)

Sunday night:  We have some leftover pizza to eat.

Monday:  Chili (already made up from Saturday, just needs to be popped in the Crock Pot-busy day)

Tuesday:  Turkey burger meatballs.  I tried a sweet and sour pork recipe and there is an awful lot of extra sauce.  So, we will pick out the remaining pork pieces and eat them, and I will pour the remaining sauce over meatballs Tuesday.

Wednesday:  Soup in Crock Pot.  Probably turkey rice or vegetable beef.

Thursday:  Everyone going in different directions.  Leftovers–grab as you can!

Friday:  Lunch:  I have another sister and aunt coming to help with the big project.  I need to make extra soup on Wednesday to feed people for lunch.

Dinner:  Baked potato bar.  Rob and I are going to take the girls and spend the evening at some  friends’ house.  We are taking dinner, and spending time with their 6 children, ranging from ages 5 to 12 or 13.  They will be home around 9:30.  We will take a few games to play with the kids.  It should be a blast.

Saturday:  Leftover soup or baked potatoes.  Truthfully, Ja’Ana is heavily involved with a rummage sale for her upcoming mission trip, both Thursday evening and all day Saturday. It is an hour from our house, one way.  My niece is involved in a special Olympic-type basketball tournament, which she would like me to attend–2 hours from home.  I have no idea how Saturday is going to pan out.  I may be packing lunches.  I may be buying hot dogs or some such junkie food.  First, I need to decide how much of that I’m going to do, what Rob is going to take care of, and see how much energy I have after being so busy Friday.

Both on Friday and on Saturday, the new crock-pot I got for Christmas failed to cook the food by lunch time.  This is much different from my previous one, which cooked things really fast.  Of course, it was shorting out and probably wasn’t safe, but I’m having trouble adjusting.  On Friday, I had to make an entirely different lunch for the helpers and we had the crock pot for dinner.  On Saturday, I had to remove the chili and boil it in a pan, and it was still a little underdone, and I felt bad.  So, I need to keep experimenting, and allowing more time for cooking.  It actually caused me to feel pressured to have to scramble for food on days that were overwhelming to start with, and only made more stressful when I didn’t have food to feed these helpers.  So, I will cook the soup all day on Wednesday, and just re-heat it on Friday, and hopefully, I’ll get this new appliance figured out.

Menu Plan–Week of Feb. 21, 2016


Sunday:  Leftovers from fridge.  We did not do the family meal, due to ill children.

Monday:  I crushed up cornflakes from a box that has been around a long time, and will coat the fish with them.  Crunchy Fish Nuggets with Lemon Tartar Sauce from the American Heart Association Quick and Easy Cookbook is the recipe I’m using.  I confess I ate the green beans already after I took the picture, so I’ll get out another vegetable tomorrow.  This is very quick to make after work.

Tuesday:  Roast in the Crock Pot.  I will either do the pork or beef, whichever one I find on top or at the front of the freezer.  We have a couple of appointments on Tuesday, one is in the late afternoon.

Wednesday:  Leftovers.  I have green chicken chili, and turkey-rice soup and I work late that day.

Thursday:  Lovana’s choice.  It’s been Mexican food for the last 3-4 weeks, so I’m guessing Mexican…..?   Who knows, I might be surprised.  I chuckle because when my mom wanted me to cook, I would take the leftover roast beef from Sunday dinner and make French Dip–every single Monday–as my meal.  She though I was being difficult because she wanted me to practice cooking lots of recipes, but I really, truly, loved French Dip and still love it to this day.  So, I just let her make Mexican every week, my only rule is that we have to have the ingredients in the pantry or freezer.

Friday:   My mom and aunt are coming to help me clean, sort, etc.  I want soup in the crock pot for lunch and will serve leftovers for dinner since we have a late afternoon caseworker visit.  (Truly no pressure about getting the house pristine–this is our dear Nicole who has been out of the office for 3 months–she’s coming to see Patsy–not the house, and we are eager to see her.)

Saturday: Pizza.  We didn’t make it this week, so still have all the toppings from last week.

Sunday:  Family dinner. Since this week’s dinner was cancelled, the lasagna was frozen down there, the cake is frozen here–I will still make beans and salad.

As I was explaining to Patsy, the menu plan I write is mostly for my own benefit.  It helps me to have it written down in a place where I can refer to it easily.  When I have a busy week, like this one’s shaping up to be, it keeps the whole week moving more smoothly.

Menu Plan–Week of February 14, 2016


Yup, this is late.  The week has already started and we have already been eating.  Imagine that!  We had the pleasure of bringing a niece and nephew home yesterday evening for the night.  Their mama is out of town, their dad had to work today, and Uncle Rob was available.  Win-win!  Due to their special needs, feeding them has been a breeze.  They only like a few select items.  We simply fed them what they liked, and all was well.  When I left for work this morning, Rob was frantically frying bacon (they both like that), french toast (Michaela), scrambled eggs (Jake), and doling out the medications to the cousins and our kids.  Some “magic medicine” needs to be stirred into apple juice and given in a drink, some kids have pills, there is one patch involved, and that doesn’t even count my meds, which I gave to myself before waltzing off to work!  After eating their mega breakfast (not-they pick at it, especially Jake), they followed me into town and picked up Ja’Ana, who had her guitar lesson this morning.  They watched a movie, using a gift card my brother-in-law had, for most of the cost.  Then, as french fries are always involved on these visits, they grabbed lunch, and then came home. We fed them dinner, and he took them home.  Everyone had a great time.

Sunday:  We ate at my sister’s house at noon and brought hamburgers.  We had tuna melts and peanut butter sandwiches for dinner.

Monday:  We ate the tuna casserole I made a few days ago, plus more peanut butter sandwiches.

Tuesday:  baked chicken, baked potatoes, green beans

Wednesday:  chicken soup

Thursday:  Lovana’s choice, maybe chicken enchiladas

Friday:  Pizza

Saturday:  Leftovers for lunch, dinner in Salem with our special needs son–we will hopefully get him from his group home and take him to a movie and dinner for his birthday.

Sunday:  family dinner- my aunt is bringing lasagna, I am bringing birthday cake for my sister, green beans and salad–no idea yet of how many people are coming.


Menu Plan–Week of February 7, 2016


Last night, Rob barbecued chicken.  He used a rub of barbecue seasoning, brown sugar and garlic powder and then cooked it on the grill.  That was an unplanned meal, but caused us no grief because it all came from the freezer and storage.  I sauted frozen green beans with butter and garlic, thawed squash, and cooked white rice from a 50 pound bag Rob got 2 summers ago.  We have put in quite a few hours the last 2 days packing, sorting, burning trash (lots and lots and lots of trash….), and the troops were all home working all day and were starving.  So, they burned through most of 2 pizzas, almost all of this chicken and vegetables, bacon, sausage, eggs, a huge pan of home-made hash browns, and I’m not sure what else.    Once I saw how the day was going, I cooked up a huge pan of rice, so there is rice left, plus a little chicken.

Sunday:  Family dinner–my sister made ham and mashed potatoes and gravy. We did green beans and my aunt brought salad.  I took cauliflower and a berry crisp.  We had 13 today, so a small crowd.  This evening, there is leftover chicken, salad, 4 pieces of pizza and peanut butter sandwiches to choose from.

Monday:  I found some chicken thighs in the freezer.  They had been in there too long, so I thawed them and trimmed off any suspicious areas and put them in a marinade to soak. I used ginger, soy sauce, brown sugar and water.  They will be sauted in a pan and will be teriyaki chicken, served with rice and broccoli.

Tuesday:  clam chowder

Wednesday:  Turkey noodle casserole

Thursday:  Lovana cooks.  She wants to do Mexican food, involving corn tortillas–her choice when the day comes as long as we have the ingredients.

Friday:  chili in the crockpot–4H day, so very busy and we are tired when they all go home

Saturday:  Cashew chicken.  I found some frozen pea pods from last fall’s garden, and some cashews when I was digging around in the freezer and want to use them.  I can make brown rice with this, as I have lots of that as well and we actually prefer it.

Sunday:  Hamburgers at my sister’s.  She and one of the girls will be out of town visiting our niece who is in college.  They will probably also visit Mickey Mouse:)  We will bring all of the dinner between us and my aunt and feed my sweet brother-in-law and the kids who are still at home.  He invited a couple of young adults also, and there are a couple friends of my kids who might show up, so we can just unthaw a bunch of burger from the 1/2 beef we bought last fall, and cook a bunch up, with hot dogs for Michaela and Jake.  I should know how much to thaw for sure towards the end of the week.  I will probably do potato or macaroni salad, a relish tray, and some kind of dessert.  Patsy and I made zucchini chip bars today–I may re-make them if they taste good.  Sometimes changing a regular recipe to gluten-free needs a few tries to make it work out.


We also made some brown banana bread with flax seed.  They were a little less sweet than we wanted, but definitely edible with a little jam!




Menu Plan For the Week of Jan. 31


Last week the food turned out to be a little different than I had planned, but that’s ok.  I love having a plan.  If I choose to change it, no big deal, I allow myself to do that.  On days when I’m in a hurry, stressed, or have to delegate the cooking–the plan is in place and all of the ingredients are on hand.  When we ended up having some of our very best friends breeze in unexpectedly from out of town, I quickly thawed some salmon and–you guessed it–Rob barbecued it up for us.  Yum.

When the family dinner turned into 24 people, my sister and I thawed more meat, which Rob and Ron barbecued, she did about 10 lbs of twice-baked potatoes, and I made 2 dozen eggs into deviled eggs, and I plus-sized the berry crisp I was making.  My sister pulled out all rolls in her freezer, plus bought a couple more packs. We had assorted rolls.  My aunt brought a huge salad.

One more interesting thing I ended up cooking was a recipe for lettuce wraps done in the style of P.F. Chang’s.  I used ground turkey, water chestnuts, and some other things.  I bought some gluten-free hoisin sauce.  They turned out really good, but were rather expensive because the hoisin sauce was so high-priced–over $4 for the bottle.   The recipe used 1/2 of the bottle. If I am comparing the price of making them to buying them from the restaurant, of course they were less expensive.  I will probably make them one more time to use the rest of the sauce, but save them for a special treat, instead of a regular addition to our menu plan.

So, here’s the menu for this week.

Sunday night:  nachos or leftovers

Monday: hamburgers

Tuesday: Spaghetti

Wednesday:  tamale pies (homemade and frozen for some time)

Thursday: Lovana will cook –her choice

Friday:  Pizza

Saturday:  Leftovers or soup

Sunday dinner:  Sister–ham, Aunt–salad, Me–small quinoa salad (found a bag that needs using), potato salad or more deviled eggs (chickens going crazy right now), dessert (possibly crisp again, depending on what berries or fruit I find as I keep going through freezers)

Veggies will be canned green beans, frozen cauliflower or broccoli, green salad, squash, corn, and carrots.  There is always canned fruit to add.

Menu Plan–Week of January 24


We enjoyed another great dinner on Thursday, compliments of Lovana.  She is not taking Community College classes this term, but is still working at a Starbucks in a Fred Meyers store.  So, she has some days off.  She has agreed to cook every Thursday, and this will be the 3rd time we’ve come home to a nice, hot meal after taking the other 2 girls to dance classes.  It’s nice to have some help with the cooking on busy days!  All that 4H cooking practice is now paying off for us.

Here’s the plan for the week:

Sunday:  family dinner-for the noon meal, leftovers for supper.

Monday:  Meatloaf, salad, broccoli

Tuesday:  Minestrone soup, French bread

Wednesday:  Split Pea soup  (leftover from yesterday-lots left), muffins or French bread

Thursday:  Lovana is cooking.  She says she will make something with turkey burger from the freezer–her choice, to be decided later

Friday:  Tamale pie, green beans

Saturday:  Pizza

Sunday: Family dinner at my sister’s (around 15 expected at this point–may end up more or less).  Steak and chicken.  We both have beef from a farmer, so we will both bring 1/2 the steak and I will bring the chicken, since I have a lot.  Twice-baked potatoes (her), salad (aunt), dessert (me).  If either of us gets into a mood, we can always make something else as well.  There have been more and more young people attending–niece and/or nephew, friends of my daughters or hers, etc. so we are needing quite a bit of food these days.  It’s so nice of her to host each week, and it’s fun and a good time of eating and visiting for everyone.  It also saves a lot of money for all of us.  Because they are so involved with their church, they often only had time to go out to eat previously between morning and evening church.  Rob and I get done at church first, head over and put the finishing touches on the meal, and then everyone gets to eat promptly after church.  Eating out is super fun, but we are saving our pennies these days, and rarely go out.  We’ve been using paper plates since so many are coming eat time.  I have a bunch we got for free a few months ago, so will take some there soon, or we take turns buying large stacks from Cash and Carry.

I plan 1 meal per day.  I always make lots.  We eat leftovers for the other meals, often including breakfast.  Breakfasts are also smoothies with fruit from the freezer, cereals or oatmeal, or pancakes, or anything else we feel like grabbing.   If it seems like the leftovers are mounting up, I simply replace one of the new meals with leftovers instead, to use them up.  I don’t micro-manage Lovana.  I just ask her to use things we have.  My pantry is extremely well-stocked, so I feel that is reasonable.  I have noticed she has picked up a few ingredients occasionally if she wants to make something and I don’t have all the items in the recipe–on her dime–and that’s ok with me as well.

Menu Plan–Week of January 18


IMG_5606I’m a little late putting up my menu plan, but trust me, we have still been eating!

Yesterday, Rob made these barbecued shish-kabobs.  We had marinated some of the pork  he had purchased a while back for the great price (around here) of $1.27/pound.  Yesterday, he stopped at a fruit stand and got a few vegetables to go with the pork and this was the result.  I worked a lot yesterday, and was exceptionally tired for some reason, so it was very appreciated when I came home to a hot, cooked meal.  He paired it with cauliflower from the freezer, and some sweet potatoes he had grilled as well.  Yum!

Here’s what I planned for the week.

Sunday:  We ate at my sister’s as planned, and did some prep for the week.  We marinated the pork, and Rob cooked a ham on the grill.  we ate some that night, but most of it is for the week.


He used the packet that came with it, along with some brown sugar, water, and a whole Tablespoon of ground cloves for the topping.  Then he put it on the grill, in it’s little foil pan, for 2-3 hours.

Monday:  Shish-kabobs, cauliflower, and sweet potatoes

Tuesday:  Soup.  I have some open broth that needs to be used.  I will probably make chicken-rice or turkey-vegetable.  Muffins or cornbread.

Wednesday:  Ham, potatoes, green beans

Thursday:  I’m asking Lovana to cook again, since we don’t get back from dance until 6:30. She wants to do Mexican.  We have ingredients for many Mexican dishes, and so she can decide which one she wants to make.

Friday:  Leftovers.  If they are all gone, I’ll have Rob barbecue something.

Saturday:  Green Split Pea soup, using ham broth and bits

Sunday:  It’s my turn to bring a bunch of food to the family dinner.  My sister is so gracious and generous, and often just provides the bulk of the meal.  So, I was actually begging for a turn!  We will thaw 2-3 of the chickens Rob raised, and he will barbecue them up.  On Sunday, I will just warm the chicken up at her house.  I also plan to make potato salad or deviled eggs (the chickens are laying well now) and a berry crisp (lots of them left in the freezers).  She will make some lettuce salad or whatever she wants to go along with it.  My aunt will bring something as well–whatever we tell her to bring.  She loves coming, and we love being with her.  Since she has always been single, she loves to just bring a bag of salad, or chips, etc. because cooking large quantities is foreign to her.  The amount of people has been ranging from 12-20, depending on who can come.  This past Sunday there were 13.  As the day gets closer, I will have a better idea of how many people so I know if I should thaw 2 or 3 chickens.

I will have to say that the best part of Rob’s job loss is the amount of extra time I get to spend with my family.  I know that things are always changing, and this arrangement is probably temporary, so I’m enjoying every minute of this time.


Menu Plan for January 10, 2016


This week has started with a bang! It’s going to be a busy one.  I decided I’d better jump in and get some menus planned right away to make it flow more smoothly.

Today we spent the entire day going to church and at my sister’s house, having a family birthday party with Rob (my husband), Alissa and Jake (niece and nephew).  Rob and Alissa have celebrated together for the last 15 years, without missing a year.  He has been dragged to Chuckie Cheese, an arcade, and many other memorable places by this little girl  he adores.  Even though she just turned 15, it was very touching when she started asking around to make sure she still got her birthday party with Uncle Rob.  One year, my sister got them a Beauty and the Beast cake.  One end had Beauty (for Alissa) and the other end had the Beast (for Rob).

8 years ago, little brother unexpectedly showed up at the group birthday party.  Our niece’s birth mom had given birth to a little baby boy, and he needed a place to live.  So, surprise!  I still remember the looks of surprise and amazement as my sister and her husband came rushing into Chuckie Cheese and plunked Jake in the middle of the table in his carseat they had hastily purchased and introduced him to the family.  So, there were now 3 birthdays to celebrate in January.

Today, we opted to celebrate at their house.  We kept the same menu that we had before we postponed the party from last week, due to icy roads.  It was a very nice day.

Here’s what we plan to eat:IMG_1695

Sunday:  Sub sandwiches, French dip, soups, veggie tray, chips, and cake  I brought gluten-free buns, and a platter of things like lettuce, tomatoes, onions, etc.

Monday:  Roast in crock pot, potatoes, carrots

Tuesday:  Pizza (make double–lots of pepperoni sent home with us today.) green beans, salad

Wednesday:  French dip (with leftover dip from today and leftover meat from Monday), other sandwiches if not enough, cooked cauliflower or broccoli

Thursday:  Leftover pizza from Tuesday after dance class

Friday:  Soup in crock pot

Saturday:  Foster Parents’ Night Out.  They will give Patsy dinner and Rob and I get to go on a date for 3 hours.  Ja’Ana will be gone for the weekend on a retreat, and Lovana can use leftovers.  Rob and I will eat out and have a date.  I can’t wait!

Menu Plan for the Week of Jan. 2, 2015


Rob was able to capture these ice crystals this morning when he went out on hours and hours of errands with the kids (Bless that man!).  I stayed home to clean, do laundry, and otherwise organize things after a busy holiday season followed by a few days away at the coast.  One thing I wanted to do is make a menu plan.  Ready or not, our busy life starts again tomorrow!  We both do better if we are not staring at one another saying “what do you want to eat” while the children demand food.

Our breakfasts are usually yogurt, cereal, toast, and often, leftovers.  Each person gets what they want.

Our lunches are usually leftovers, salads, packed lunches, or sandwiches.

So, I’ve just written down 1 meal per day.

Saturday:  Lasagna, green beans, salad  (The lasagna was frozen in the camper and now gets to be used up at home.)

Sunday:  Big birthday lunch at my sister’s house after church.  We are celebrating 3 birthdays.  There will be sub sandwiches, soups, and dessert.  My share is a large platter of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, etc. and gluten free buns.  I made those today. 

Monday:  Chili in the crockpot (I work a lot that day)

Tuesday:  Pork on bbq–Rob’s choice of cooking

Wednesday:  Turkey soup in the crock pot (Work again, sure glad Santa listened and got me that new crock pot–the other one would constantly short itself out while I was gone!)

Thursday:  Leftovers (girls have dance and we aren’t home until 6:30-so food quickly heated up in the microwave is best or a crock pot meal)

Friday:  Tacos

I pull vegetables from the canning cupboards or freezer daily to go with these meals.  Right now, I have frozen broccoli, cauliflower, squash, green beans and a few pea pods to choose from.  I have home-canned carrots and beans.  One of Rob’s errands was to get large bags of lettuce from Cash and Carry so we will have enough for the condiment tray for tomorrow and salads all week. He also got us huge bottles of salad dressing there, for a much cheaper price than the regular store.  He also went to Costco for a few things, and finished up at Fred Meyers.  I had him pick up tomatoes, too, but am not sure where he got the best price, as he isn’t home yet.  I have home-canned pickles, and home-grown onions from our garden last summer.  We will make gluten-free muffins, cornbread, or other gf bread products on occasion when we have time, for breakfasts and to go with dinners.  Often, though, we have a main item, salad and a vegetable, or 2 vegetables for a meal and forget the bread product entirely.

I wrote this information on the whiteboard for all to see.  My children thrive on routine and order.  We can change the menu, though, with a swipe of the eraser, if need be.



Menu Plan–Week of Nov. 29-Dec.5, 2015

IMG_4698This week is going to  be another busy one around here!  All of our weeks are busy, but this one has some things to do that are unusual and interesting.   On Monday, our 18 turkeys are going to be butchered.  We had 1 left from the last time we butchered that we used on Thanksgiving, so we were ok with waiting until after the big holiday for our appointment.  Rob and Ja’Ana will drive 1-1/2 hours to the butchering company we use, after her guitar lesson in the morning, and get that done.  We have freezers to rearrange this afternoon to make sure they will all fit in.  Several of these turkeys are gifts for people for Christmas, so he will deliver some tomorrow after they are processed so we have less to fit into our freezers.  We are talking about a LOT of turkey. We are borrowing a grinder, and will spend quite a bit of time Tuesday grinding turkey burger from the breasts and thighs, and making  broth, if we can possibly find enough energy.

I work Monday and Wednesday this week.  Ja’Ana has her homeschool to do.  I need to work with her quite a bit on Tuesday and Thursday on that. I set her up for independent work on the days I’m teaching piano, and then do more math explanations, etc. on the days when I’m not.  Patsy goes to school Monday-Thursday, as usual, and we have some appointments on Friday, as we often do.  Then, there is youth group, dance classes, and an extra choir practice for the girls as well, plus that fact that Lovana works 30 minutes from home and doesn’t drive, so some days we can combine trips, but often drive 2 extra hours a day to take her to and from work. To top it off, I have quite a few projects in the works that I need to make progress on for Christmas.

So, this week’s meals need to be quick, use lots of freezer ingredients to make space for turkeys, or cook in the slow cooker so the food is ready in a hurry each evening.  Although eggs are a choice each morning, everyone doesn’t always choose to eat them.  I actually let them choose leftovers, if they prefer.  I also have cereal; most of us don’t enjoy it, but it is a choice, if desired.

Sunday:  Fried potatoes, eggs, turkey bacon l.o. from 4H

Dinner with extended family after church

Leftovers from Thanksgiving

Monday:   eggs, muffins from freezer, canned fruit

Pack lunches:  salad or sandwiches topped with l.o. ham, cheese, turkey, etc., carrot sticks, etc.

Ham and beans in the crockpot from Thanksgiving ham bone

salad or green beans

Tuesday:  eggs, fried ham

leftover ham and beans (pack Patsy’s lunch)

roast beef in crock pot, carrots, potatoes, salad

Wednesday:  eggs, pumpkin muffins, fruit

Salad or sandwiches (pack lunch for Patsy)


Thursday: eggs, oatmeal, toast or more pumpkin muffins

leftover soup (pack lunch for Patsy)

(dance night–home at 6:30):Turkey-rice soup in crock pot

Friday:  yogurt, cereal, egg (if desired)

leftovers, salad or sandwiches

pizza (make 2 so we have leftovers)

Saturday:  choice of eggs, cereal, toast or muffins

leftovers (pizza, roast, soups, ham and beans)

leftovers (more of the above, or make French dip with roast)

If there are not enough leftovers for Saturday, I might make a vegetable-beef soup with the rest of the roast.  I will also grind the leftover roast beef in the food processor, mix with mayonnaise and relish, and make sandwiches from it, so I’ll see how the week goes and what’s left by Saturday.  We have quite a few hot dogs I can pull out in case we are burning another pile next weekend and want to roast them.

I cook vegetables each night, sometimes 2 different ones.  I will pull from home-canned green beans, home frozen cauliflower, broccoli or corn, carrots from the garden (in fridge)and salad ingredients (boughten), which I have.  We still have a few tomatoes ripening in the garage from the green ones I picked a month ago, but they are mostly gone.

To make:  pumpkin muffins, using squash I cooked the day before Thanksgiving.

To buy:  If milk or butter comes on sale, I will buy that.  Otherwise, I have enough of everything for the week.